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What is PUMPing?

All fired up.
Getting ready to kick ass, or someone ass.

"Yo, how ya doin'"
"Man, I'm feelin' pumped about the rally"

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PUMPing - what is it?

Pigging out in company.
See Pugging

"Man, I hate visiting relatives. Pumping is even more embarassing than pugging."

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What does "PUMPing" mean?

when you get a bike and an air pump and push

I was pumping the air into my bike’s wheels.

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PUMPing - what does it mean?

The act of gathering in a small place with 30 or more people and a household item. When the item is set off, the crowd proceeds to "flip their sh*t" until they become too tired to continue.

"Hey you guys wanna go do some pumping after lunch?? See you in the bathroom!!!"

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A gambling term that means you are up and winning a lot of money. Pumping feels even better when you were previously dumping.

Jackson was dumping for the first hour in his poker session, but then he started pumping once everyone thought he was a moron and they started calling him. He pumped everyone's chips away except for that sweet old ladies!

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1. When a club or spot is 'going sick'.
2. Fucking, rooting.

1. "The party waz pumping hardcore when we rocked up."
2. "I waz pumping her in the ass when her daddy walks in....."

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when you grab the meaty part of someones upper arm like by their bicep and pump it by clenching and unclenching your hand around their arm. This should be used when someone is excited, nervous, turned on, or scared

"omg did you see that hot guy?" (pumping arm)

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the act of selling drugs

yo the de-teck be all up on me when i be pumpin rock

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N - The opposite of moshing. A group of guys and girls that grind and make out, sometimes going all the way in the crowd at a concert. Usually during raves.

Dude #1: I'd rather go Pumping at a concert than Moshing.

Dude #2: Dittto, better to make out with hot chicks than rub all over sweaty guys.

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The sexual act of thrusting objects in and out of a ladies Front Bottom or rusty bullet hole or the aforemantioned of a man. Can be a act of self particpation or shared with a partner of group.

Michael was keen to experiment in the bedroom department. Jane too. Although the act of pumping will not be revisited after Jane returned the compliment.

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