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What is PUMPed?

Getting it in the rombo from a big black guy.

Tombo got pumped in the rombo from Butch!

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PUMPed - what is it?

When someone is pumped they are very drunk. Comes from getting your stomach pumped.

"Wow i was totally pumped last night!"

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What does "PUMPed" mean?

To absolutely destroy an opposition in any type of team altercation

Ornella: "what was the score last night?"
Lachy: "Tigers 54-4 Cowboys"
Ornella: "wow the Tigers pumped them"

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PUMPed - what does it mean?

To be defeated soundly.

To suffer a defeat against an overwhelming force, putting up little or no perceived resistance.

Usage 1:
Dave: "Did your team win last night?"
Bob: "Naw, we lost 15-3"
Dave: "Wow, you guys got pumped"

Usage 2:
"The french have been pumped in every major conflict they've entered"

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One who is "pumped up", of a muscular figure with an adrenaline rush to match.

John came to work really pumped up after taking a six week leave.

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To Be Made Sweet Love To

George Pure Pumped Lyndsay

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The muscle sensation one feels after doing a set at the gym. The muscles are tight and are larger because they have literally been pumped with blood.

Dude, I feel so pumped after benching 200!

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pumped is a feeling of total excitment also known as pshyed,amped,rush,

i was so pumped to go on the ride i forgot my ticket

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Scots for shagged

I pumped that dirty wee midden in her parents'bed!

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All fired up.
Getting ready to kick ass, or someone ass.

"Yo, how ya doin'"
"Man, I'm feelin' pumped about the rally"

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