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What is Ole?

Oh Lord Shrek

''OLS! Dylan just asked Rose out!"
"I just failed my math test..OLS!"

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Ole meme gif

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Ole - what is it?

Organic Light Emitting Diode better known as OLED is a type of screen manufactured by Samsung. This screen allows for better contrast of colours. This allows for darker shades of black to show the illusion of bezeless screens. Example: The iPhone X.

Person 1: dude your tv looks awesome!
Person 2: yeah I know it's called an OLED tv.
Person 1: a what?
Person 2: it basically makes the colours really stand out.
Person 1: ok, now I need to get one.

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What does "Ole" mean?

OLED = Organic Light Emitting Diode


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Ole - what does it mean?

Ole is a blonde guy with blue eyes. He's a fuckin asshole. He thinks that every girl that likes him are stalkers. He's a heartbreaker and if u like him he would block you in all the social media

Person 1: Hey Ole!

Ole: OMFG Stop stalking me!

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Ole - meaning

An european or african term used to substitute attentiowhore. Often used stronger than attentionwhore

Mork: Your mum!
Erik: You're such an ole!

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Ole - definition

An extremely annoying, stupid, little and fat male person.

Ole, you`re such a stupid bugger!

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Ole - slang

What Spanish people will say when u say that u love them/like them

+Te quiero/I love u

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An Ole is a guy that is gay

He is an Ole

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Some dude who doesn't know where the fuck he is going in life, and therefor makes an ass out of himself at every left-turn. But damn fine in bed.

Shit, that damn Ole stumped me again.

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a guy with a huge dick a guy that wont take you back when you break his heart. a really hot guy and funny. someone that you definitely want to be with.

dang that guy is not as hot as Ole

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