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What is Nuff Said?

When translated from idiot speak, it means "I've said enough BS for right now, and if I said anymore, it would be beyond my low IQ of 40."

xbox 360 r0x0rzzzz! nuff said!

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Nuff Said - video

Nuff Said - what is it?

Used as a transitional statement(to change the subject) when someone has said enough to prove there point and does not want to elaborate further.

Guy: I could donate enough hair to make 20 wigs from the hair on my palms...
Friend: Why? I'm stupid and don't understand what you mean...
Guy: Remember?! My girlfriend is abstinent, nuff said!

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What does "Nuff Said" mean?

noun. abbreviation of β€˜Enough said’ a phrase used by the downbeat skanks of society. often those that use the word have a severely limited mental capacitance, shit the same way they piss, and lack the ability to even begin to comprehend the idea of humour.
2020 has seen the meaning of the word traverse from an abbreviation of β€˜Enough Said’ to β€˜nuffy says’. See β€˜nuffy’. If ever one arrives upon either β€˜nuff’, β€˜nuff said’, caution must be exercised, as it is safe to assume it is used for β€˜nuffy says’, and female nuffys, above all, have a mouth that functions as their asshole.

I’m sorry but the only way to describe Mexican food is fucking amazing.
Nuff said.

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Nuff Said - what does it mean?

A statement that people for some reason always use after they've said something completely devoid of any intelligence.

Uwe Boll makes better movies than Avatar. Nuff said!

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Nuff Said - meaning

A term commonly used by wannabe cool kids when they want to open an argument or a cool subject and tries to end it without giving any valid explanation.

For arguments:

I hate that food. 'Nuff said!

I'm the best. 'Nuff said!

For cool subects:

It's Megan Fox. 'Nuff said!

It's a Ferrari. 'Nuff said!

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Nuff Said - definition

What people write when they don't actually have anything important to say OR they believe their argument is superior (but can't prove it).

Either way it is an easy way out and a lazy move. People use it to bluff others by pretending like there is much more to say, when in reality they can't think of anything to add that is important or useful.

Mostly used by people who desperately want to feel superior, but lack the actual supporting information to be superior in an argument (or even contribute).

When you say "nuff said" you are letting people know that you are not able to have a normal conversation, and cannot accept anything against what you believe.

The *gun name* is the best gun in the world right now, nuff said. (Source?)

My *car name* is faster than yours, nuff said. (Why?)

*Game name* is the best game ever released, nuff said. (Stupid)

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Nuff Said - slang

There is nothing more to say about the subject.

Those from the Boston area remarked that around there they tended to bang a Louie rather than hang one (or even just sedately take one), which was taken by the less charitable on the list as a comment on the driving habits of Bostonians. ’Nuff said.

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Nuff Said

A phrase used to describe a current situation wherein enough information has been imparted before the fact in order to justify a lack of further explanation.

The phrase can also be used between peers to acknowledge understanding of a pre-emptive statement or question that would justify a lack of further explanation.

Question: Dude, did you see Marissa today?

Answer: 'Nuff said, man. Total trainwreck.

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Nuff Said

Short form of enough said.

Self explanatory, nuff said.

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Nuff Said


Obviously 0+0=8. Nuff Said.

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