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What is Nose Shit?

During 69 eating a girl out may result in your nose being in her butthole area giving the male partner shit nose.

Party douche #1: “Ew, what’s that on Rick’s nose?”
Party douche#2: “I herd Rick and Noel we doing 69, Noel must have given him shit nose.”

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Nose Shit - video

Nose Shit - what is it?

someone who shoves their nose up people's asses to get people to like them.

They can also pick up the scent of anyone's fart within a twenty mile radius.

"That's a nice suit sir". Look at that shit nose sucking up.

If it wasn't for my shit nose, I could enjoy my meals without smelling ass every second.

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What does "Nose Shit" mean?

Someone putting the tip of their nose to someone's asshole and it gets a little bit of shit on it. But the shit is an icing-like consistency, making a swirl of smooth shit on the tip of the nose.

Person 1: "Connie is OBSESSED with Pj."
Person 2: "Yeah, nose shit."

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