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What is Nippleitis?

when your nips be hard no matter what

thotiana: I left the one night stand and forgot my bra bitch, now I got nippleitis
nicky: oof dats tuff

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Nippleitis - what is it?

A disease in girls with big boobs , who put money in their bra which only dissaperars. There for the name "hungrynipple"itis refers to your nipples getting hungary and eating your money.

Cashier: "That'll be 20$"
Nadine; *reachs into tit* "Its not there!!"
Jenna; " that ho gotta case of hungry nippleitis

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What does "Nippleitis" mean?

a disease in the nipple area causing bleeding and pussing from the nipple area. Usually casued by peircings or biting of the nipples

Nippleitis is a gross disease

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Nippleitis - what does it mean?

A swimmers term for erect nipples.

Bob- "I wonder why jenny had her arms crossed over her cheast today."
Jim- "I dont know, I guess she had nippleitis."

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Nippleitis - meaning

When you don’t wear a bra and them nips be poking through

i can see her nippleitis through her tank top urgh, embarrassed for you babe xoxo

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Nippleitis - definition

When one's nipples are always hard, no matter what the situation.

John: "Dave your nipples are always so hard even when it isn't cold out"
Dave: "Yeah dude I have a serious case of nippleitis "

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Nippleitis - slang

It is a serious allergic reaction to cold weather. When the female nipple becomes, erect.

i have a serious case of nippleitis!

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What happens to your nipples when you go outside in the cold wearing a t-shirt; shriviled up, hard nipples; stiff nipples.

"I got nippleitis so bad right now that my nips are hard enough to cut diamond!"

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