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What is New Girl?

A New Castle girl is someone who was born and resides in New Castle Delaware, and never leaves because they actually think New Castle is a great place to be. They are trashy and think they are tough. They have lots of babies at a young age by different men, and sometimes even live in Dobbinsville. For people who don't know what Dobbinsville is, it is the crappiest little neighborhood right next to Old New Castle. I guess you can call them townhouses but they look like shacks and no one has teeth or a job. The person who commented on the original definition of New Castle is most definitely a New Castle Girl. I know because I actually knew her family when she was a baby. Long line of New Castle Trash!!!!!

"talk trash and spit blood", yea that is exactly something a New Castle Girl would say!

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New Girl - video

New Girl - what is it?

A young Woman who has partied too much and looks older than She is.

Wow.... Have you seen lisa lately ? "She's lost that New Girl Smell !

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What does "New Girl" mean?

a gay made for tv movie on abc family that britney spears decided to make in her plan to take over the world

mini-slut 1-"hey did u see brave new girl last nite?"
mini-slut 2-"oh yea, it was AWESOME i love britney spears!"

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New Girl - what does it mean?

subliminal advertising wherein Fox News uses very beautiful (typically blonde) and also very intelligent and articulate women to produce incremental psychological rewards for watching their network. This trickery leads to higher ratings than rival networks.

Fox News Girls hall of fame

1.Shannon Bream- by far!
2.Jamie Colby
3.Gretchen Carlson
4.Jane Skinner
5.Lis Wiehl
6.Martha MacCullum
7.Megyn Kelly
8.Monic Crowley
9.Jenna Lee
10.Margaret Hoover

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New Girl - meaning

when a new girl arrives at an establishment, to work or school
she is immediately more attractive to a male
even if she isn't as hot as the other girls
due to that fact that she is new and seems more interesting

guy 1: woah im in love the new girl in our english class
shes so cute..i heard shes from new york too

guy 2: shes not even that hot bro
sounds like you got new girl syndrome

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New Girl - definition

The girl who gets all the attention for the whole school day, the next day she goes back to her friends she met yesterday but they just leave her and look at her and look as if they just saw something that their abnormally big rabbit dropped.

Oh look at the new girl! She's pretty!

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New Girl - slang

An male with long hair, that is often mistaken for a female from behind.

There's that new girl again, swinging his hair back and forth.

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New Girl

1.)The best show in the world. It will teach you love, happiness, pain, impatience, heartbreak, and so so much appreciation. Meet Jessica Day: A teacher, a friend, a cousin to Robbie. Cheated on and heartbroken, she goes to live with 3 guys; Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. You’ll meet Coach and then he’ll be gone and you’ll forget about him until he comes back. Jess attempts to heal her heartbreak by watching Dirty Dancing on repeat to no avail. Then her three new friends show her true appreciation when they serenade her at the restaurant where she was stood up by a man she met.

2.) A show you have to watch. By law.

β€œHave you ever seen New Girl?”
β€œNo. What’s that?”
β€œIt’s a show you have to watch. By law.”

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New Girl

In which a new girl moves to your school and steals the bad boy's hearts.

"ugh, she's like the new girl in books!"

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New Girl

The most recent Girl to move to your school. The real name is learnt usually within a week.

Danny: I saw this girl down the hall, she was hot, but I haven't seen her before.
Peter: Oh yeah, the new girl?

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