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What is Nerds?

1. The. Best. People. Ever.
2. Me!!

Nerds are awesome people who read too much.

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Nerds - meme gif

Nerds meme gif

Nerds - video

Nerds - what is it?

Nerd A Bunch of Nerds Described as a Posse
It Is Also A Posse of People with an I.Q Of the worlds weight.


John: wow, look at the nerd and his other nerd friend

Joe: yeah man, they're major nerds.

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What does "Nerds" mean?

All of the definitions above. Someone who vents their bitterness on Urban Dictionary like a passive-aggressive wimp because they were always chosen last in gym class.

They have a few false beliefs, such as convincing themselves that they are geniuses (watching anime doesn't make you a genius. John Nash was a genius.) and that their social ineptitude is other people's fault. They use the old "I will be more successful" mantras like it isn't an obvious defense mechanism, and is a very broad assertion that isn't true.

Some nerds alleviate their insecurities by refusing to believe that people who have actually had sex before can accomplish something in life, too.

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Nerds - what does it mean?

People that think there are smart but not. Also people that watch Star Wars and People that read Books when they poop. Usually are virgains at the age of 40.

You are a Nerds for looking this up

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Nerds - meaning

The frilly remnants that are left when one tears out a sheet of paper from a notebook.

Ms. Maffy: "Turn in your papers, but make sure you rip them out of your notebooks completely. I don't want your nerds!"

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Nerds - definition

I <3 Nerds
They are the sweetest

"Is your boyfriend a nerd?"

"Yeah, I love Nerds, they are the sweetest"

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Nerds - slang

A nerd is an interesting sort of idea. To some, the idea comes simply: glasses, nasal, scratchy voice. Inhalers, pocket protectors. Whatever the hell.
I think a nerd is something else. Someone who has a large IQ, sure. But doesn't act that way. A nerd is a person who plays video games, spend their money on new releases and Trading Card Games. Ones who, online, are actually, well, literate. A nerd can be extremely annoying or really cool. Depending on your point of view. And hey, since they have a non existant life, they have all the time to talk to you. One more thing: Nerds like to trash talk a lot of things behind your backs. Rap, emo, goths.. Whatever is around the bend.

Face it. Nerds whoop your butt. Not only are they smart, but they can have you on your butt crying when it comes to the infamous XBox queen. Halo.

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The people responsible for all the awesome shit we have (the internet, for example). Also the people responsible for bringing us the best movies, TV shows, books, video games, and the list goes on...

The Simpsons (in its heyday), Futurama, South Park, The Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda franchise of video games, and the ability to communicate with anyone in the entire world in a fraction of a second are just some of the awesome things we can attribute to nerds.

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Plural form of nerd.

Also, a tiny, tangy hard candy manufactured by Willy Wonka. Comes in a variety of flavors.

You have to wonder why the best flavor of Nerds, strawberry, comes packed with the worst flavor, grape.

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Guys with IQ higher than your weight. You made fun of them when you were at school but you would be lucky if you get employed as janitors in their businesses.

I am nerd and proud of it.

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