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What is National ex day?

It's Ex Bestfriend day on August 13th. Post your ex bestie(s) and are you still cool with them? If not say why.

Jessica: Oh shoot it’s National Ex Bestfriend Day.

Brooklyn: Omg i forgot all about that i have to post my ex bestfriend.

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National ex day - what is it?

June 10th A day to post on all social media an Ex that did you dirty GET PETTY !

It’s National ex day? lemme show everyone how wrong he did me ;)

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What does "National ex day" mean?

august 7th

national ex day is soon watch how i grease .

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National ex day - what does it mean?

this day is meant to either text or talk to your ex in person , you either tell them why they are a great ex or just chooses to out them on the spot.

" hey it's national ex day , love yo u bitch "
" oh it's national ex day , I hate you bitch "

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National ex day - meaning

June 13th

Call, text, or see your ex on National Ex Day.

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National ex day - definition

December 9th, National Ex Day. It's not official for you unless your ex popped up in your SnapChat memories today.

Mark: My Ex jus popped up in my "a year ago, today" snap
Lukas: Well yeah I mean it's, National Ex Day

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National ex day - slang

A cursed day on March 26th where you are haunted by the memories of your exes. Signs might include a text from them or even a dream. Most likely a nightmare.

National ex day is today. Yikes.

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National ex day

Gurl he no good for you

man she was not a good match for you National ex day

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National ex day

This day takes place in 4 October you have to say a sentence to your ex girlfriend or boyfrind and it must be nice it must be in real life

Ellie:oh no it’s national ex day

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National ex day

National ex day is a day where u have to talk to your ex you have to say one word to them in real life and it has to be nice

Ellie:it’s national ex day tomorrow
Samantha :really wow

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