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What is Nah?

French for cute

Person one :You are cute!
Person2: nah
Person one : I know

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Nah - what is it?

a form of ‘no’ used to piss someone off.

you’re mad at the other person ...

you’re ugly, calvin
nah, you are.

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What does "Nah" mean?

An expression used when the aforementioned statement sounds incredibly unfeasible/stupid on closer hearing.

Y'know, George W. Bush could actually be considered a competant president. (pause) Nah....

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Nah - what does it mean?

Nah: (Nn-ahh) Noun. A word commonly used as a replacement for "no", "nope", "shut up", or "no, don't give me that food, I don't want to get fat". But mostly "no".

Person A: Are you busy today?
Person B: Mmm... nah.

Person A: Do you want to go get dinner?
Person B: Mmm... nah.

Person A: Do you like her?
Person B: Mmm... nah.

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Da Gangsta way to say "No"

Nah, thay ain't right!

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Used when "no" is too formal, and "nope" is too casual.

If it's ever capitilized, you're using it wrong.

Police: "Did you kill this man?!"
Me: nah

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nah a typically turkish cultural gesture which expresses misbelieve, distrust, challenge, opposition or disobedience. nah occurs when someone puts his/her thumb between forefinger and middle finger and the nahhed fist is shown to the person at whom it is aimed.

a more brutal version of the gesture exists, by creating a "slash" like sound after turning the nahhed fist with an immediate forward motion, in order that the nahhed wrist hits the other hand's palm.

literally nah means "like the hell it is?"

-Person 1 : Can you lend me your car?
-Person 2 : Nah!

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Nah is used in a disagreement with a person

Bobby jr. : Wanna go out and party
You: Nah man im too tired

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No. "Nah" and "no" mean the same thing. "Nah" is often followed by "man." As in "nah, man."

-Person 1: Do you wanna go to the movie theater?
-Person 2: Nah.
-Person 1: Do you want to go strip in front of my neighbor's house?
-Person 2: Nah, man. That's just gross.

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What Norman "Nick" says when he ain't feeling it. Shit sounds like a Bugs Bunny impersonation.

"Hey you tryna come pick me up please"
*Bugs Bunny voice* "nah"

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