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What is My name is?

your name if jeff

my name is jeff , yes your name is jeff

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My name is - what is it?

A popular, great, dark song by the band Primus.

My Name Is Mud but call me Alowishes Devander Abercrombie that's long for mud, So I've been told.
Told that by there sons a bitch who lies before me bloated blue and cold, I got my pride, I drink my wine.
I drink only the finest 'sept I haven't earned a dime in several months, or were it years.
The breath on that fat bastard could bring any man to tears.

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What does "My name is" mean?

... fill in the blank with whatever you want people to call you today.

Typical name tag wording intended as an icebreaker for chit chat at any function, meeting, or party at which many of the guests are unfamiliar with each other.

"HELLO, MY NAME IS Chingo Bolamongo," read the name label on the keynote speaker's lapel.

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My name is - what does it mean?

when you don't wanna say your real name to someone or don't wanna tell someone your name in an awkward conversation

Asshole Substitute Teacher: "WHAT'S YOUR NAME GO TO THE DEANS OFFICE!!!"
Me: "My Name Is Jeff"
*skips rest of class because sub told the dean he sent Jeff down*

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My name is

a joke made in 22 jump street that originally made all of us slightly chuckle so naturally the fucking idiots on vine blew it up and now it is fucking everywhere and annoys the shit out of all of us

Tom: Hey dude check out this vine
Mark: ok
Tom's phone: OH NA NA WHAT'S MY NAME?

Tom: wait for it
Tom's phone: MY NAME IS JEFF
Mark: HAHAHAHAHA wow that is comedy gold
Tom: told u

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My name is

A song by Weezer which is their first song on their first album.

weezer fan 1: What are some good songs?
weezer fan 2: My name is jonas is a great song. U should listen to it.

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My name is

A hilarious 1999 dirty rap song by Eminem.

My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high/The only problem was, my English teacher was a guy/I smacked him in the face with an eraser/Chased him with a stapler/And stapled his nuts to a stack of papers/Walk in the strip club/Got my jacket zipped up/Bless the bartender/Stuck my dick in her tip cup

(My Name Is...)

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My name is

If you searched this up then you're really bored. Sometimes you just want to practice your typing so you write "my name is" followed by your name in the search bar. Either way, your just super bored.

Please don't search this up. You might be high if you do.

Person 1: Hi, what's your name?
Person 2:My name is get the fuck out of my face.

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My name is

song by eminem also anti-marilyn manson music vid

my brain's dead weight
im tryin to get mi hed strait

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My name is


Hi my name is
What? my name is
Who? my name is


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