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What is Motif?

As the name says the "Motif of Harmful Sensation" is a trope used in literature, movies or other media about harm - physically or mentally - that is taken by sensing or not sensing a certain object or creature.

Popular examples of this trope are "The Weeping Angels" of the TV-Show "Doctor Who" (who will approach you if you don't keep looking at them), "The Brown Noise/Tone" (a tone frequency that is suppose to make everybody lose control over their bowels if heard) or the Elder Gods of the "Cthulhu Mythos" by H.P. Lovecraft (who can cause instant insanity by just looking at them).

"The motif of harmful sensation is often used in popculture and crappy Creepypasta these days"

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Motif - what is it?

When running or doing strenuous activity, and your motivation is only thinking of Tom Brady getting sacked. Motification.

"I was exhausted at the gym, but I saw highlights of Brady getting flattened, and it gave me motification. F that dude."

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What does "Motif" mean?

The use of any kind of mind altering substance, especially vodka, ganja, and crack. Applies to all and any types of exotic fun.

We're going motifing right when I get back my shell piece.

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Motif - what does it mean?

Any object

Dedicated to Holly Fretwell

e.g. thats a nice little motif (thats a nice top)

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A word used to call women fat.

Molly looks motif in that dress today.

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Nearly or all of the usual complement of teeth in an adult head; at least 24 teeth; at least 12 teeth (West Virginia)

"My buddy would eat corn on the cob mo' often if he had motif."

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1.a word used to describe something that you find cool; to have pizazz; to posses a lot of amazingness.
2. to have pattern. (but it's more fun to use it to describe something that doesn't have any type of pattern/rhythm just to piss off your art teacher =

whoa! look at that girl's outfit. it has a lot of motif.

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Another way of saying 'motive' (an emotion or desire to do something)

"Yo Gus, is there a motif tonight?"
"Yeh boss, el motif around mine ya dig"

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