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What is Morning head?

abbreviation of “morning”.

rach: “i’ll see you in the morns.”
rick: “yeah for sure, have a good night.”

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Morning head - what is it?

The morning. I'm bringing 'morn' back!

"This fair morn"

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What does "Morning head" mean?

A greeting that can be used at any time of day, even if it isnt morning. Can confuse people but is the easiest non thinking way to say hello.

Jeff: Hey john
John: morning
Jeff: Dude, its 5 in the evening...
John: meh...

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Morning head - what does it mean?

Irish for hangover

"Aye, Murphy, 'ts gonna be a bad morning"

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Morning head

the worst time of day, mostly described as the time you have to wake up to get to your piece of shit job or the time of day when your passed out on a stranger's house.

dude 1: "yo u totally crashed on my couch last night"
dude 2: "sorry i just found out this morning"
dude 1: "dude u fucked my sister"

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Morning head

A period of time that is said to last from 5-7 AM to 12 PM. It is unknown whether this is true or not, as during weekdays, we lose consciousness of time at school or at work until noontime finally happens, and during the weekends, we spend this time of the day sleeping.

Someone said I'd regret that tomorrow morning, but it's okay. It will be Saturday tomorrow, so I'll just have to sleep until noon.

I had a test this morning. It was long. It also was difficult, as I was still half asleep.

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Morning head

There is no 'urban' definition for morning because the type of people who speak 'urban' do not know what morning is.

"Now that I've got a job I've got to get up in THE MORNING."
"Morning? What the hell's that?"

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Morning head

An utterly beautiful human being. Handsome, loving, caring. Morné has a kind-hearted soul that is reflected in everything that he does.
He has a way of brightening your day with his positive outlook towards life and all that it represents.

That said, do not understimate him in the bedroom.

(gentleman), (sexgod), (Morne)

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Morning head

noun. a Morning Head cap is a device to fix bed hair in seconds. It consists of a thick shower cap with an absorbent material on the inside. You add water, put it on your head and then your hair is wet. You can style your hair as if you just took a shower.

I shower at night and used to wet my hair in the sink before work. My wife gave me morning head for my birthday, so now my mornings are much faster and easier.

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Morning head

adj. The act of a female giving head while a man is still asleep, before waking.

Ryan had such big wood when I woke up, I couldn't resist giving him morning head. I have never seen him so happy to be awoken!

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