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What is Morecambe?

I heard this phrase at the Comedy Store in London when an old man was performing at the gong show. I can only presume that the heckle "Do a Morecambe" meant to have a heart attack whilst performing, as did the much-loved British comedian Eric Morecambe, who many would consider to be one of the greatest comedians of all time. (Although technically Mr Morecambe had his heart attack in the wings after the show.)

Old stand-up: "..."
Heckler: "Do a Morecambe!"

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Morecambe - what is it?

You get tramps like PHOEBE PARSONS who roll there skirts up so you can see there arse , is annoying as fuck, thinks she has mates but is hated by everyone

Girl- mum I want a skirt like the girls at morecambe high

Mum- no, your not a prozzy

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What does "Morecambe" mean?

A shitty school. other students from other schools tend to ‘slag off’ this school due to the incredibly ‘smart’ and chavy students which attend morecambe high.

Bob: Mum can I join Morecambe high?

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Morecambe - what does it mean?

Where war veterans go to retire/hide. Big Masonic community.

Don't go to Morecambe without a gun.

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Morecambe,England is basically the crappiest town in England and believe me,England is full of them....(apart from maybe Lancaster...) its near Lancaster (doubling my MISERY) and basically its full of bed and breakfasts that the government use to house scoungers.Theres no components of a regular sea side town,and everything it had going for it closed down yonks ago.

Me- *pleads* Never go to Morecambe!

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"Lets to to Morecambe its miles better than Bradford"

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Lancashire seaside town, totally devoid of all features usually associated with seaside towns, such as amusement arcades, little shops selling tat, chip shops, hotels, beaches and, er, tourists. Apart from the occasional mass-drowning, nothing ever happens here.

Person 1: Shall we go to Morecambe?
Person 2: No, shall we stay here and eat our own feet instead?

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