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What is Montreal?

A city that is past its prime where the best and the brightest have left for Toronto and replaced by naive frogs from the countryside. All that Montreal has going for it is its strip clubs filled with strippers who are not from Montreal:) Please Montrealers, the Habs have not won a cup since the LAST century, since the club started employing only francophone GM's and coaches. It is no longer a dynasty! You can't run an Olympics and you can't even keep a major league baseball team in the city - despite revenue sharing! Sure Montreal is a fun city, but that is all that it will ever be. Like New Orleans, it is a city that exists for the pleasure, gratification and whisms of out-of-towners. If you want success or a better future for your family, move to Toronto or Calgary where people actually work hard. If you are a lazy hippie, welfare bum, crackhead, crackwhore, or ignorant bumpkin frog, then move to Montreal.

Montreal, City, Decay, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Canada

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Montreal - what is it?

A very underrated party city, Montreal has it all. Booze, drugs, strippers, anything you could want. An older teen's alcoholic, drug induced dream (The drinking age is 18, and the law on drugs is awful liberal.) If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, I highly reccomend going to this place if you are on your senior year in high school, and want to go on a "Class trip" This is the place. 6-1/2 hours from Portland Maine, 4 hours and 45 min from North Conway, New Hampshire, and 2-1/2 hours from St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
Also Montreal sells some of the best BC (British Columbia) Weed is imported to Montreal and sold almost anywhere. If you can also afford some good lodging, go to the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure. Less than a mile from the city center, it's where all the fun stuff goes down.

Montreal is full of frenchies and dumbasses, but it's got some of the finest green in the continent!

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What does "Montreal" mean?

A city that treats non-natives so poorly it gave Donald Trump a permanent erection.

Montreal residents sure love treating visitors like garbage.

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Montreal - what does it mean?

place. Rustic, sheltered port on the St. Lawrence river in Canada. It has retained its French language as well as its ancient stone docks, fortifications and cultural imperatives. The residents, a contented lot basking in the largesse of Canada's complex balance of payments policy, enjoy biking, kayaking and re-living the glory days of Les Canadiens, a formerly great hockey team. Granite quarries still provide most of the employment in the city which is largely free of gangsterism and civic corruption. An interpretive centre, dedicated to the forced evacuation of the Huron, is soon to open near the remnants of the 1967 World's Fair which briefly put Montreal in the limelight.

Let's go to Dorval for the Maple Syrup festival and, if we have time, drive through Montreal.

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Montreal - meaning


1. known for its ganja

2. known for its crazy night life

3. drinking age is 18

4. known for it's crazy drivers!

5. known for being VERY multicultural

6. known for LaRonde (famous amusement park that used to be expos '67)

7. known for having failing soccer, baseball, football teams

8. known for the MONTREAL CANADIENS!!!!

1. yo dude, lets hit up MTL and smoke a huge ass blunt from there

2. Did you see Cristina? She got plastered in Montreal at the old port this weekend



5. Did you hear someone died at LaRonde on the Goliath?! Only in Montreal...

6. Wow I didn't know we have a football and soccer team in Montreal?! what ever happend to the expos?!


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Montreal - definition

Canadian city located in the province of Quebec. Is seen by many as a party city, although it becomes quite boring and difficult for the citizen actually living in it due to its unbelievably horrid winters and government that doesn't give a shit.
Montreal is well known for having atrociously maintained streets with more potholes than many third world countries.
It is also famous for having terribly constructed bridges that fall apart when driven on.
All Montreal is really good at, is displaying to the outside world that everything is ok.

"Hey man, the streets of Montreal are worse than downtown Bagdad!"
"Montreal doesn't have potholes, it has craters."

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Montreal - slang

A realy nice and diverse city in Quebec, Canadda. It's full of cool stuff to see and the City Bus is almost free because you can just put as much money as you want as long as it makes noise.

**while entering a Montreal City Bus**

"caching ching ching ching ching ching"
Guy 1: hehehe...
Guy 2: yo how much did you put?
Guy 1: uhmmm like 60 cents

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Correction: A French Canadian City with the best drivers in the world... You bitches just can't handle our mad skillz.

You can always tell who lives in Montreal and who doesn't... The visitors stop at red lights.

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The city Toronto wishes it was. A place where strangely good looking people, hockey, beer and just having fun are the order of the day. Only city where smoking a joint on the street isn't frowned upon, it's encouraged. Referred to as the canadian Europe. Home to bands such as the Arcade Fire, Malajube, Mobile, Sam Roberts band, The Stills, and many more.Truly, the greatest city in the world, Montreal exudes awesomeness.

OH. AND MONTREAL BAGELS ARE THE BEST. no word of a lie, they bring all other bagels to shame.

Torontonian living in Montreal: Dude. My mom sent me a care package! Look, there's bagels, a hockey jersey and wow! A justin Bieber cd! Toronto is way better than montreal.

Montrealer: 1) That isn't a bagel, it's an unsweetened doughnut with sesame seeds on top. 2) Hockey is a relative term. The toronto maple laughs play ice-dance. 3)JUSTIN BIEBER? Dude, i just lost all respect for you.

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Where American boys go to party because the drinking age is 18, not 21.

Those Boston Boys came to Montreal to get hammed.

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