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What is Montana mega mount?

In order to be achieved, one must be comfortable with his sexuality. It usually takes place after a long drunken night, similar to a rodeo, and requires the fattest, ugliest girl at the bar/party. It is up to you to bring her home with you and your THREE other male friends and get her ready for intercourse. Now the fun begins. One of you rams his penis in her vagina, the other rams his in her anal cavity (the trick is to left her butt off the ground so you can both get a good angle inside her two cavities). your other friend is mounted over her waist tittty fucking her fat breasts, and the fourth friend is mounted over her neck with his penis deep in her mouth. This, is the montana mega mount

Harold: Me and the boys got wasted last night and picked up the ugliest chick in the bar. We intended on having a rodeo with her but Marcus decided we Montana Mega Mount her. We practically stuffed all her holes bro

James: Dude, that's kinda weak..

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