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What is Monster energy drinks?

Drinks you can usually buy easily that cause you to become very concentrated mentally and hyper. As was said before, Boo Koo is a great example of this. I haven't tried Monster Assault yet, though. From personal experience(though things may be different from individual to individual), chugging brings best results.

Boo Koo, Monster Assault, Sobe Adrenaline Rush, Red Bull, etc.

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Monster energy drinks - what is it?

1. The act of drinking an energy drink to get hyper

2. To drink enough to get energized if you are zoning out

3. Drinking an energy drink because you are just plain tired

"Dude, I couldn't pay attention to the teacher at all, so I started Energy Drinking so I stop falling asleep at her class."

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What does "Monster energy drinks" mean?

A reliable drink that contains many materials that end in '-ine' that make you both very hyper and mentally concentrated at the same time. Although it says on most energy drinks to not drink more than 2 servings a day, most people tend to chug down 2-3 times that amount daily just to feel the rush. This is usually considered as 'unhealthy' and 'reckless to the EXTREME,' but many people tend to ignore these warnings and do it anyway.

I usually drink two energy drinks every morning so I can be awake throughout the day.

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Monster energy drinks - what does it mean?

An overrated energy drink for children and teenagers.

(For the record, I have tried one. Read the example for my reaction (person 2) )

PERSON 1: yo dude try this Monster energy drink it gives you tonz of energies and it tastes awesome!

PERSON 2: *takes a sip and throws away the can* I think I've tasted urine better than this. No thanks, I'll stick with tea, coffee, or Mountain Dew for my caffeine needs - "dude."

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Monster energy drinks

Monster is a drink that obiviously gives you energy.
This drink became so famous that scene/emo kids took it as their favorite energy drink and made a big deal of it by creating shirts, and making big paragraphs on their Myspace explaining how much they love Monster, and drinking Monster like water.

Come on, it's just an energy drink. Who gives a shit. No need to make a big deal of an enery drink!

*Looks at dumb girl's Myspace*

OmFGzzz lyk3 MoNst3r iZ s0o0 g00D! lIke I [email protected] Thr33 @ DaY aNd iM 3v3ntuaLLy [email protected] d!3 oF @ HeaRt attacK, bUt iTz OkaII bKuZ iTz [email protected] tH3 Sc3n3 k!dz/Em0z d0. ilY Monster Energy Drink <3333

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Monster energy drinks

Some stupid drink that the kids like today. People like to make shirts with the big green M on them, load their things down with the stickers, and generally act like it's some life style. It's an energy drink, not a social movement.

Monster Energy Drink is just what it seems, an energy drink. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Monster energy drinks

The most beautiful and savage beverage to ever be produced by anyone ever. The best variety is the Original, preferably in the BFC, with chaser flavors of Chaos, Assault, Mixxd, M-80, and the vagina flavor: lo carb. It is also known as Green Crack, Liquid Marajuana, and Zues' Meth.

A - Hey man, wheres your Monster?
B- I dont drink that shit anymore, man... havent you read the other definitions on UD? That shits for posers and emos, yo
A- *With a Monster-induced Sternum Strike that goes through B's chest* YOU LYING NAZI UNPATRIOTIC LOSER FATHER FUCKING CUM GUZZLER!!

B- *Now on the ground, bleeding to death* But I...
B- *Dies*
A- Monster Energy Drink. Unleach the beast.

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Monster energy drinks

monster energy drink is a drink that thousands of people enjoy. that doesn't mean you have to like it. a lot of people drink it because its the" cool" thing to do but people also drink it because they enjoy the taste or are looking for something to give them a little energy. but no monster is not a life style so don't try and act like its your whole world. its just an energy drink (even if its like the best tasting drink u ever had)

P1: i love monster energy drink!!! i would die without it!!! (don't do this)
P2: i like monster energy drink it is very refreshing (this is accepted)

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Monster energy drinks

The drink a Kyle would drink.

Kyle, how much MONSTER ENERGY DRINK have you consumed?

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Monster energy drinks

An energy drink largely consumed by kids under the age of 14. Basically, kids drink it too look mature, but everyone knows there mommys still tuck them into bed.

12 Year Old: Yo, lets get a monster

12 Year Old 2: Totally, We will look really cool holding a drink meant for adults!!!!


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