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What is Monkey Titties?

A person, usually an indian girl, whose tits and nipples are extremely hairy.

A: That girl had really big tits

B: Ya, but she's a titty monkey

A: That's gross

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Monkey Titties - video

Monkey Titties - what is it?

a tittie characterized by its floppy monkey like dimensions

Andrew splashed his sperm on that floppy monkey tittie, bitch.

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What does "Monkey Titties" mean?

saggy boobs. Commonly used on young black girls with d's or better.

"Yo i hooked up with Megan last night."
"For real how was it?"
"She's got mad monkey titties."
"I'm sorry."

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Monkey Titties - what does it mean?

1. A woman who has saggy tits that hang down to their belly can be said to have Monkey Titties.
2. A fat man who has big saggy girly tits can also be said to have monkey titties
3. Playfully the term can be used as a slam against a friend for being girly or acting like an old woman
4. An old woman who has baggy sagging tits

What's up Monkey Tits, did your mommy let you watch Golden Girls?
Damn that old bag has some big old monkey titties, They hang down to her knees!

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