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What is Monkey Tits?

An annoying fat person that is usually hairy and has rather large boobs.

The Tit monkey wouldn't stop asking for my lunch.

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Monkey Tits - video

Monkey Tits - what is it?

a woman, usually young, but not always (cf. Cindy McCain), who exposes her breasts, or cleavage, for commercial allure or political or professional advancement

Kirin on CNN is such a tit monkey in the morning, but Heidi isn't.

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What does "Monkey Tits" mean?

A man who believes a cotton/spandex shirt will hold in his tits but doesn't; usually calling attention to said tits as well as pudgy arms and/or belly.

"Simon Cowell is such a Titmonkey!"

"Did you see that Titmonkey jiggling on the dancefloor?"

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Monkey Tits - what does it mean?

Women who flash breast and cleavage in the media for purposes of commercial allure or professional or political advantage

Those chicks on that late show last night were total tit monkeys.

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Monkey Tits - meaning

A Tit Monkey is a modern term being used for people (usually male) who are complete idiots. They are self centered and inconsiderate. Tit Monkey's like to "rattle their cage" or in other words be heard and lack any moral management.
Possibly originating from the term "Getting on my tits" or annoying.

A noisy neighbor who is quick to blast another neighbor to all his other neighbors but is the first to blast loud music late at night regardless of the working family living next door to him. This would be a Tit Monkey.

A driver who cuts you up without signaling and almost causing an accident. this kind of person would also be a Tit Monkey.

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Monkey Tits - definition

A foolish person, a clot or modern day village idiot.

"Oh Frank, what have you done now you monkeys tit?" As he bangs his head on yet another doorframe...

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Monkey Tits - slang

The effect created by a female wearing a bra that is too tight for her, thus generating the effect of four bosums.

Blimey, look at the monkey tits on her!

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Monkey Tits

When an over weight woman has small floppy breasts that look like the breasts on lactating monkey.

" That fat chick has monkey tits."

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Monkey Tits

Another name for the breasts on a black female.

Look at Beyonce Knowles. Check out the monkey tits on that bitch!

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Monkey Tits

An insult aimed at someone with less than average IQ, coolness factor, or Bodily Odor (in this case, more than average). Can also be used in place of a forgotten name.

Hey monkey tits, take a shower! You smell like a bag of smashed assholes.

Hey.... uh... Monkey Tits, get me a fucking beer before I hit you with a jizz rocket.

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