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What is Momala?

In a letter to ELLE Magazine in celebration of Mother's Day Sen. Kamala Harris explains how her two stepchildren came up with Momala rather than Stepmom.

A few years later when Doug and I got married, Cole, Ella, and I agreed that we didn’t like the term “stepmom.” Instead, they came up with the name “Momala.”

It seems like anyone with a name ending in 'amala' could adopt the name that Sen Harris' stepchildren came up with for here. Disliking stepmom they chose Momala as their term of endearment.

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Momala - what is it?

1. Term of endearment to refer to your significant other who serves as a mother figure to your children. Not to be confused with some random woman that gets knocked up and ends up actually bearing your children.

Ex. Momala is the woman who opens her heart and pocket book to care and provide for the numerous step children you bring to the relationship from repeated failed marriages.

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What does "Momala" mean?

Someone who isn't your mom but treats you with a "cool aunt" but isn't related to you at all, normally a good friend of your mom

I had to catch up with my Momala, we had lunch talked about life she bought me this hat.

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