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What is Mmmkay?

Do you understand, I'm telling you, so you do now.

"My name is mutha f**cking Kiki Gonzales, mmmkay!"

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Mmmkay meme gif

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Mmmkay - what is it?

word used in response to someone being a thunder cunt. mmmkay means "fuck off, i have no interest in what you have to say bitch so shut the fuck up" perfect response(:

you- "thats the only person that makes me happy right now"

thunder cunt- "find someone else to hangout with, you stay over there one more time ill call protective services"

you- "mmmkay"

and you still do what you want because it sounds like okay but really youre saying hahah i do what i want so fuck off.

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What does "Mmmkay" mean?

Commonly used as an expression to show that you are uninterested in the topic being discussed and want the person to go away.


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Mmmkay - what does it mean?

Meaning OK, a word that Mr. Mackey from South Park uses

"drugs are bad MmmKay"

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