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What is Michael's?

Michael a.k.a ‘Mingo’ is a bloody legend and saviour to all. If you are bogged in an avalanche, he will tow you out. He is socially anxious around the female race, although he has many female admirers, amen.

Michael is a good bloke and since I am good friends with him, I get to call him Mingo.

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Michael's - what is it?

A kick-ass person that you can always trust. It might take some time for you to get to know him, but once you become friends, you'll never regret it. And if you miss out on that opportunity, you should get shot in the foot for being a total dumb ass for ruining a chance to know such an awesome guy. A bit of a dork sometimes, but in a good way that'll make you smile, especially when you've been feeling down or have had a bad day. You always know that he'll listen when you need someone and even if he doesn't like to admit it, he cares enough to kick your ass when you need some good, old fashioned tough love (or have just been being emo). Of course, that doesn't mean he can't be a softy sometimes, too. His loyalty is unquestionable and he has great morals that makes most guys look like douchebags (not that that's hard, really xD). Absolutely hilarious and has a great smile whether he believes it or not and can literally make you choke on your drink trying not to laugh. He's just an awesome guy, a bad ass friend, and someone you'd never forget once you've known him. Honestly, he's cool enough for you to want to be an older brother and even in the worst of moods he's way cooler than almost anyone else on this planet.

And if you don't believe it, you can suck it because the proof is in the pudding.

Psh, example not needed for Michael, bitch. ;D

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What does "Michael's" mean?

The most sweetest, kind-hearted boy/man you will ever meet in your own lifetime! Everything about a Michael is just swell, you will love them for everything they are. If their looks ever change, it wont affect you because their personality covers everything up. He'll make you laugh, and hell, you might cry over him because you'll miss being around him! Nothing can make you stay away from his charm. You would want to marry him for crying out loud, he's just perfect in every little way, every detail of him makes you wonder how he even exists.

"Hey, do you know Michael?"
"<mocking>Do you know Michael? OF COURSE I DO. You can't ignore a sweet heart like him."
"Well, that is true."
"Damn right it's true, I love him very much."

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Michael's - what does it mean?

Michael is a name given to a king, a leader, a ruler. He is normally a funny but laid-back type guy. He is a saucy don and is also very likeable. Michael is quite smart but gets himself in stupid situations. Obviously, this is something he is not proud of and just tries to become a better self every day. Let's not lie everyone wants to be a Michael.

Sheriff: 'Have you met Michael Ekoh, he's a joker.'

James: 'I juss wanna be like Michael mehn.'

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Michael's - meaning

to keep on being a fan of and supporting Michael Jackson.

Alright, guys; I gotta go. Keep Michaeling!!!

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Michael's - definition

The ideal boyfriend. Usually sporty, smart, and somewhat cocky. Extremely good looking and is liked by nearly everyone. Proud of who he is and what he can do. Tries to help people he is fond of. Has pretty eyes that shine when he's excited. Can be pretty chill. Will do anything for a friend. Is an all around amazing guy.

Girl: I really like Michael, I want him to kiss me.
Girl's Best Friend: I can see why, he's such a great guy.

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Michael's - slang

One of the funniest kids around. That one of a kind guy that every girl hopes to find. He's honestly a babe of all babes. And he's pretty cute too.

Wow that dirty Michael really knows how to impress a girl.

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Michael is someone that the second you talk to him, you cannot get your mind to think about anything else. He makes you smile on your saddest days, he makes you laugh when you feel like crying. He is beyond perfect. When you are held in his arms nothing else matters in the whole world because that is the best feeling in the world. Every moment you spend with him feels like it is lasting forever but when the moment is gone, you miss him like crazy. When you are away from him he is still loyal and perfect. He has beautiful blue eyes that you can melt in and a smile like no other. Big ears but still perfect. He is everything you always wanted and the love of your life.

Sammy: "Michael is the love of my life"
Sammy's friend: "You said that three times in the past hour!"

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1. Loving Subaru’s and rock climbing
2. Bowling so badly that’s it considered an epic failure
3. Being an amazing, stand up guy

1. Now that I have a Subaru, I might be Michaeling
2. Look at that guy Michaeling on lane 14
3. Girl 1: I’m really surprised by her boyfriend

Girl 2: Yup, he’s Michaeling

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Michael is a sweet guy. He is pretty attractive. He can always make you laugh. He seems brave, but he is very sensitive. He believes he is never good enough, even tho he is. He is a huge flirt, and cocky to some girls. Loves to have fun and live life. Hates to see loved one feel down and will try anything to help. he is very smart but doesn't show it.

He Is sweet and caring, he must be a Michael.

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