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What is Marcel?

He might be Gay but that is not a bad thing at all! People are so privileged to have you in their life especially you're family. They are your main source of energy. Loved especially by your soon to be husband and your current boyfriend. People may misuse your friendliness but you are not to be walked all over. Special to whomever appreciates you. You kiss like an experienced lover. With massive calf muscles and beautiful hair. Very attractive With glasses especially a friend's glasses. With beautiful eyes and attractive body.

Guy 1: look at that guy. How can one guy be so gorgeous?

Guy 2: I don't know. He must be a Marcel!

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Marcel - what is it?

Verb. To steal emails from a large distribution list and use them to annoy other people.

As used in a sentence

I marceled that girls email thinking she wanted to be forwarded all my lame jokes.

I am going to marcel your email address to let you know when cokes are on sale at the grocery store, 2 six packs for $5.

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What does "Marcel" mean?

To use a disabled space when not disabled.

Did you see that bloke pull a Marcel?

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Marcel - what does it mean?

Someone dead inside with no emotion. A good friend but hates everything.

You:marcel looks depressed
Marcel:I will kill you

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Marcel - meaning

Of French origin
Meaning little warrior

Marcel is wild and loves to have a good time but once he meets the right one he'll protect you with his life
Never let go of a Marcel

Person One: I wish I had a man as devoted to me as yours...

Person Two: Yeah, I'm thankful to have Marcel in my life

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Marcel - definition

To get so drunk at your own wedding that you Have no recollection of the events that transpired at the reception.

Greg says to his mother when discussing the big day. "I need someone to drive my car, not that I am going to Marcel my wedding"

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Marcel - slang

Ross Gellar's humping-obsessed monkey from Season 1 of the sitcom FRIENDS. After getting divorced from his now lesbian wife, Ross gets a monkey named Marcel to help with his loneliness issues.

Ross, why is Marcel humping my leg?

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Root: Marcus
Origin: Latin
Meaning: "god of war", "belonging to mars"
Mythology: a roman man, once a sinner; upon seeing his errors, to repent, he devoted himself to collecting knowledge that would enable him to serve justice for "the divine"

1. one who acts stubbornly, usually because he/she is in the right

2. one who sets examples that others tend to follow

3. a speaker whom is listened to intently

4. a person usually perceived as being correct, at times on complete accident

5. an intimidating Englishman

6. a hairstyle characterized by a wavy pattern

1. to style the hair using waves

"He was a regular Marcel, he wouldn't give up until the jury saw all the evidence!"

"She marcelled her hair with a curling iron, the waves weren't natural."

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Marcel-a French name normaly used for men.
In this case my man!

Marcel is a sweet and kind person somebody whos there to love you till the end of time somebody who will hold u when your sad and sing to you wen your sleepy

Traits to suscrib this beautifull beast of a man are-



And smart

If you have a marcel in your life hold on to him tight because if hes anything like my marcel you'll never EVER wanna let him go-mobile titties

Mikaela-just saw marcel in the hall way he gave me a kiss and told me i look beautifull

Jackie-marcels a brilliant guy your ever so lucky

Jayson-yes marcels defanetly loves u mikaela

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The hottest, fat nigga that has an arousive face expression and a cock bigger than all Trump buildings put toegether. he can penetrate almost anything and anyone and uses his dong to do almost any action. He is a very friendly guy, though.

Guy: I fear no one..
Guy: But that thing.. *shows pic of Marcel's cock*, it scares me..

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