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What is MANG?

A fun way to say "man" usually when talking lightheartedly with your buds (mangs). in certain social situations "mang" can be quite addictive to use but it seems impossible to overuse it. Also made famous in the muddy waters song "mannish boy".

Andy: hey mang!
Stefan: oh hi mang!
Andy: ju got any butter mang?
Stefan: nah mang.

Muddy Waters: I'm a MAAAANG! I'm a full grown Mang. I'm a Hoochie coochie Mang! (and so forth. great song)

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MANG meme gif

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MANG - what is it?

a verb, it is the acted of getting so drunk you do severely dumb things, not neccessarily a black out, but usually

Dude, last night I got manged and I woke up in the hallway wearing some fat chick's bra as a hat and using the dog's pillow as a blanket.

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What does "MANG" mean?

made popular by Al Pacino in Scarface, "mang" is the term for "man", but skewed into sounding like "mang" when said with the cuban accent of "Tony Montana"

"fuuhck you mang!"

"It helps me sleep go at night mang."

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MANG - what does it mean?

(meyng) -noun

Friend; pal; buddy; bro

Yo, what up mang?

Hey mang!

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MANG - meaning

This is how Tony Montana says MAN, but in a comradery/get outta my face way.

ju tink I a communiss, Mang....uh?

ju tink I wanna live ing some fucking caige, mang....uh?

who da fuck u tink put dis togetta, uh?
ME, dass who, mang !!

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MANG - definition

Pubes. Also refers to a guy who acts like a pube.

Wow, stop being such a mange.

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MANG - slang

The act in which a girl possessing a significant amount of swag (female version a ladies' man), successfully entices a man or men. Note: She does not sleep with all her conquests.

Nancy: "Yo, there was this hot biddy at the party, mangeing it up."

Debbie: "All the bitches were hating."

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A term used for a token Asian. One who is incapable of speaking fluent English and uses phrases that can only be identified as "Mang Mang".

At the Milk Bar, Sam asked the Asian who was serving there how much a can of Coke was only to be replied with "Mang Mang Wahh". Repeatedly.

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holden commodore vn-vy

that mang mang is a skid pig

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1. ceiling fan 2. a bitch with a punched in face and mouldy vagina 3. man

1. ya shooting the breeze like some sort of mang? crank the mang like it aint no thang 2. can you believe he tapped that 80 year old mang bitch. after im done she'll be mangd' the fuck out. 3. hey mang shut that mang bitch up and turn off that mang shit, its wasting my electricity.

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