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What is MAGA?

A domestic terrorist group in the United States made up if white supremacist, Trump supporters, and Nazis, who invaded the United States capital on January 6th 2021 and we're not stopped by police because they are white people. This group also was raised to believe that they own the and their ancestors stole from natives and built upon by enslaving people who this group deems inferior.

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MAGA - what is it?

Morons Are Governing America

A good way of describing the Trump Administration is MAGA (Morons Are Governing America).

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What does "MAGA" mean?

Archaic meaning: An acronym for Make America Great Again. After it was recognized that,
because of America's xenophobia and genocide, it had never been great, it slowly fell out of usage.
There are 3 new meanings for the acronym MAGA
1. Massacre All Geriatric Americans

2.Maniacal Administration Generates Animosity

3. Manipulate All Gullible Americans

Maniacal Administration Generates Animosity

Used in a sentence:

MAGA killed my grandfather in the COVID19 pandemic because only young people received treatment.

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MAGA - what does it mean?

McDonald And Golf Again- the work ethic of Donald Trump. As leader by the GOP (Grace Of Putin) Trump uses junk food bingeing and taxpayer funded trips to his private links as a way to deal with his monumental incompetence, dishonesty and cowardice.

Whitehouse Spokesman of the Week: "Where is the President? We have an international crisis ! He has to meet with world leaders to save our nation! We must have the leadership of the President!"
Melania: "As soon as Donski got call he drove to airport went MAGA"
Whitehouse Spokesman of the Week: "So, who's leading the country?"
Melania: "Call Putin, that's what Donski does".

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MAGA - meaning

A group of hillbilly redneck cousin fukkkers

The MAGA is protesting the quarantine again

I wish the MAGA would just go back to cousin fukkkin’ and stop annoying the rest of the country

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MAGA - definition

Something you say to let people know that you're a dumbass.

"I hate Mexicans! MAGA!"
"Yo, lets get away from that dumbass."

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MAGA - slang

Stands for Make America Gay Again

Guy 2: Yahhh bring back the gaysssss

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Trump's 2016 presidential election slogan definition:
"Make America Great Again".

The real story:
Moronic Asswipe "Governs" America
Malignant Administration Grows Addled
Madman Advances Gutter Agenda:
Maliciousness Actually Guarantees Absurdity
Miracle Anyone Gets Ahead
Married Abuser Gropes Ass
Multiple Assaulted Girls Agree
Monstrously Aromatic Gaping Asshole
Melania Anticipates Getting Away
Melania Attains Gigantic Alimony
Mortified Adulterer Gets Angry
Most Arrogant Gasbag Anywhere
Megalomaniac's Afraid Guilt's Apparent
Maturity Absent, Guile Ascendant
Mediocrity's Aberrant Glorified Anger
Mighty Aggressive Government Action
Massive Army Grows Active
Million Automatic Guns Ablaze
Mueller Ain't Goin' Away
Most Adults Growing Alarmed
My America Groans Again
Morbid Anger Guilty Attitude

more to come?

If you think "MAGA" means only one thing, read these, think again, add to list!

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My Administration Got Arrested

The best definition of MAGA...ever!

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My Acquiescent Goon Army

Trump proclaims MAGA! Meanwhile he's thinking...Love my acquiescent goon army!

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