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What is Lu?

Love you & leave you

Go to go LU&LU

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Lu - what is it?

The term "lu" originates from the YouTubers Kian Lawley and JC Caylen. Similar to the word "dude", "lu" has a more relaxed tone.

There are different tenses of the word "lu":

It can be attached to the end of a word or name.

It can be interpreted with a positive OR negative connotation.

"Aw look at that little bunny-lu, it's so cute!"

"Wow I look like such a lu right now." (+ or -)

"Uncle luleelulu how are you?!!!"

"Dunny-lu you're so adorable omg!"

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What does "Lu" mean?

Lu, abbreviation for β€˜light up’ used to signal when someone is having a cigarette.

β€˜Hey man I’m just going for a lu.β€˜

Roy: Yeah I’m gonna have a lu too.

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Lu - what does it mean?

Someone that is very caring and loving. That always has your back no matter what, and never fails to make you happy. A Lu is a wonderful person in this world. Lu's are very smart, cute, kind, trusting and very honest. There unbelieveablely Strong and amazing at everything! If you have a Lu in your life, u better hang on to them, or you are missing out on a wonderful thing!!!

Omg... She perfect!!!
Well of course she's perfect!!!
She's a Lu!!!

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Lu - meaning

A ho, a person who takes advantage of the words mother and wife, and the word marriage. Usually see Lu Ann trying to steal decent woman's husbands.


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Lu - definition

Short hand for loser.

If you are intolerant, then you are a lu.

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Lu - slang

Swagged up

DAMMNN! That nigga Lu'ed up!
Wow that guy is lu'ed up!

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dirty cheating skank

dude, lu is a fucking bitch

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Asian with long black hair, very smart, and likes unusual things.

Not open to new things.

If Lu didn't pass that test no one will!!

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West Indian term that refers to living in a distorted reality

"All you do is sit on your ass all day. Bro, you are living it a lu!"

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