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What is Longwood?

Longwood University is generally good school overall. There are many very nice people who go there, and many of them are very intellegient. Their professors often provide challenging and thought-provoking material in their classes, and many students work very hard to achieve good grades at Longwood. In fact, Longwood is probably the best place to be if you want to be a teacher. However, Longwood contains a huge inferiority complex concerning Hampden-Sydney. This complex is not necessarily an academic one shared by all students; rather, it is one harbored by a large number of the males who attend Longwood. Longwood men constantly struggle to assert their superiority to Hampden-Sydney men, but every weekend scores of their Longwood women flock to Hampden-Sydney, leaving the men of Longwood confused and angry. Many Longwood men attempt to convince themselves that these are only naive young ladies, who are unaware of the dangers of the Hampden-Sydney men, when in fact women from every class at Longwood continue to visit Hampden-Sydney. It seems that the men of Longwood are so inept that Longwood women are willing risk the dangers of Hamdpen-Sydney. Additionaly, while many of these visits have drinking and one-night stands as their primary goals, there are also many girls who do not participate in this lifestyle. They simply appreciate the company of the Hampden-Sydney man. Though many, including many students at Hampden-Sydney, believe that the HSC man's trademark is the bowtie or pink polo shirt, the real trademark of a Hampden-Sydney man is Southern Hospitality, something most Longwood men know nothing about.

Jeff: Man, those Hampden-Sydney guys sure are lame. They think they are so awesome with their brilliant professors and beautiful campus...
Matt: Yeah. They are lame. They go to an all male school; that means they must be gay or something, right Jim?
Jim: I didn't go there because I didn't get in.
Jeff and Matt: Me too.

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Longwood - what is it?

Since everyone who has written a definintion thus far has decided to dedicate that definition to bashing Longwood or surrounding colleges, here are some actual FACTS (all obtained from the Longwood University website):


A public, coeducational University with over 100 majors, minors, and concentrations in the arts and sciences, business, and education. Graduate programs in business, education, English, sociology, and environmental studies.


Longwood's 4,500 students (3,800 undergraduates) come from over 25 states and foreign countries.

35% male

11% minority

990 freshmen


Residential 60-acre campus. Approximately 70 percent of undergraduates live in university-sponsored housing. Mix of red-brick colonial revival in the style of Thomas Jefferson and contemporary architecture.

Class Size

The average class has 26 students. One-quarter of all classes have 10 or fewer students.

Students/faculty ratio: 19:1.

Full-time faculty with terminal degrees: 80%.

Retention Rate: approximately 80% of freshmen continue to sophomore year.

Graduation Rate: 60% (within 5 years).

Computer Resources

Fully networked campus. Full access to the Internet from all campus buildings and each residence hall room.

Other Facilities and Resources

Health and physical education complex with pool, dance studio, human performance lab and a 3,000-seat gymnasium; eight tennis courts; and a nine-hole golf course.

A Health and Fitness Center offers a rock climbing wall, track, courts and the newest weight machines.

Special Programs

Cooperative programs in engineering with the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Old Dominion University, Christopher Newport University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Tennessee.

A pre-professional program in the medical sciences prepares students for admission to schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, medical technology, dental hygiene, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pharmacy.

A World of Study Abroad Opportunities

Northern Territory University in Australia; University of Teeside in Middlesborough, England; University of Bond, Australia; University of Limerick, Ireland; School for International Training, Belize; Mary Immaculate College, Ireland; University College, London; Institute for American Studies, Avignon, France; University of Derby, England; Institute of Spanish Studies, Valencia, Spain; Anhui , Anhui, China.

Admission decisions are competitive and based on your academic performance in high school, grade-point-average, types of courses, class standing, and SAT or ACT scores. The Admissions Committee will also review additional information you submit in support of your application. Primary emphasis, however, will be placed on your academic credentials. The AVERAGE GPA for freshmen entering in the fall of 2006 was a 3.3 and the SAT mid-range was between 1010-1200.

PROMINENT LONGWOOD ALUMS (from the past 25 years only)
Aimee Alexander, '01
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for Abbott Laboratories

Erin Sims Anderson, '98
Senior Human Resource General Manager at the Virginia State Corporation Commission

Thomas DeWitt, '80
President and CEO of SNVC, L.C.

Ransford Doherty, '93
Actor (movies and tv-shows)
View his Filmography

Kimberly Sterling Green, '96
National Program Manager for Lighting and Fireplaces for Ferguson Enterprises

Faith Clamp Halterman, '97
Systems Engineer with BAE Systems

Harold Hatchett, '83
Vice President for Investor Relations North American for Shell Oil Company

J. Paul Hurt, '89
Agency Director for MetLife Financial Services

Blair Lockamy, '00
Human Performance Analyst for Accenture

Dr. Kenneth Marcus, '82
Professor of Chemistry at Clemson University

Ricky Otey, '89
Director of Consumer Banking for Wachovia and member of the Longwood University Board of Visitors

Col. Richard Jay Poole, '82
Cdr. of the 203rd Support Battalion

Arjun Rishi, '87
President of Enterprise Bleu

Gary Slack, '84
Senior Vice President - Finance and CFO for BAE Systems North America

Charles Thornton, '92, and Robert Kenny, '88
Co Owners of Hometown Heroes Sports Pub

John Todd, '83
Managing Partner and CEO of APEX Partners

Jill Younce, '00
Inspector with the U. S. Postal Service

$30,000/year? I think not.

There are some fact about Longwood. So Longwood isn't Princeton, ok? No one ever claimed it was. So we don't pay a billion dollars a year to go to school - that doesn't make us stupid or not academically driven. It means that everyone deserves an education and not everyones mommy and daddy can afford to shell out. You can get a good education at Longwood. But how much money you will make in the future is only a reflection of how hard you are willing to work to make that happen - not a reflection of Longwood. There are a million opprotunities here and some students are here to work hard and get a good education at an old and respected institution - not to "get wasssted!" or sleep with "Richie-Rich" HSC boys. As with any college or university, your Longwood experience is what you make it.
If you want more info about Longwood, go to:

Wow, I am really glad I chose to go to Longwood University!

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What does "Longwood" mean?


Hampden Sucks
Sydney Blows
and the HSC Gentleman is the one take in the ass all night long

Longwood University

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Longwood - what does it mean?

A high school where 100% of the kids are pot heads by 8th grade, and everyone has lost their virginity before their teen years. Nobody cares about life, they just want some more weed, pussy, and money... Oh, and don't ever speak about sachem because you'll most likely get deaded with the next 24 hours

Sachem kid: Dude, you go to longwood hs? That's rad

Longwood kid: Get outta her, I wanna live til tomorrow

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Longwood - meaning

a highschool on long island
that owns pat-med at everything.
Everyone's poor but thinks they're not.
Fights on request.
Annual bombscares
exploding toilets
and many girls with eating disorders.
but they do have nice hair.
the guys look like girls
and make fun of the ones who don't
and vice versa
every girl, is stuckup in SOME way.
for the most part.
the teachers don't know what they are teaching
and the principal changes more often than my underwear.

Rory: "Yo. longwood highschool owned us a football"

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Longwood - definition

Longwood.....the school for those of us that don't care enough about football to go to Tech, aren't stuck up enough to go to UVA, won't spend the 200 hours a week of studying needed to go to William and Mary, aren't gangster enough for ODU, aren't quite slutty enough for Radford and are too lazy to leave the state.

borrowed from a fellow Longwood student who borrowed it from someone else :-D

You went to Longwood?
Yes, I hate to study...

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Longwood - slang

the school where fuck-ups are accepted.
where the sluts, bitches, assholes and potheads go.
we got preps, ghetto black people, ghetto white people,
wannabes, goths, punks, guidos, emos, gays, lesbians and
anyone else you can classify, we got.
about a quarter of the school is on probation
we have about 3 or 4 fights a day
we have a football team that owns and cheerleaders who get owned...
most of us are just lucky to just pass our classes
we get niggas from like 13 different towns
we have a middle school anddd a jr high
our assistant principle got a dwi and crashed into a cop and was on tv on it.....
and their still our assistant principle...
words are created here that get stolen and moved to district to district.
we got 9 periods a day starting at fucking 7am -__-
everyone hates it here.


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Longwood-A neighborhood in Florida, the best place to live. Home of the "Longwood Group".

We're moving to Longwood, I can't wait.

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A fusion of two East Coast Hoods and a rap group of the same name. They hustle out of the East Coast city, Tha Dirty 'Swich. Chosen 1, DJ Gatblasta, E$, and FunkMasta Flow are the hardcore founding members of the gang. Their self-titled album hits stores soon.

Steve: Can I be in Longwood?
Longwood: Fuck no! Try F-Troop or some bitch-ass crew.

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A place filled with a bunch of wangstas
They ALL start drama and they always talk about how suckish their life is and how they want to 'commit' suicide when they really won't try .

Liars, Theifs , and Assholes

These people can't be real for SHIT !

P1 : you're so fake , you belong in Longwood

P2 : Bitch ! Imma Start A Rumor About You
P1 : Another Reason Why You Belong In Longwood

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