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What is Liquid Plumber?

A plumber who drinks on the job

They. sent the Liquid plumber to fix my sink and he still passed out underneath it

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Liquid Plumber - what is it?

The use of urination and the plumbing motion of the male genitalia for sexual gratification during intercourse. (a)Urinating inside the female vagina during sex. (b) Pissing inside a woman's vagina immediately before penetration.

Dude Amelia was such a whore last night! I was so drunk and ended up pissing in her before banging her--Liquid Plumber bro!!!

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What does "Liquid Plumber" mean?

When one takes a hard poop then immediately after the hard poop comes out diarrhea follows that poop making a "Liquid Plumber"

Yo I just took the meanest Liquid Plumber ever.

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