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What is Leave?

What talking-head moderaters say at the end of a segment after a repeated back-and-forth between the two sides of a debate, with or without coming to a consensus or conclusion and with or without having fact-checked or critically analyzed the claims of either side.

Memified by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

Pro- debator: John Doe is an American Hero.

Con- debator: John Doe is a Nazi baby-eater.

Moderator: Well, we're out of time, so we're going to have to leave it there.

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Leave - what is it?

"Leave on" is the English translation of the Hungarian slang "Hagyd Rรก".

The actual meaning of this slang is:

Not to worry about it, let it go, drop it.

This term is not centralised to a certain area of practice, therefore it shall be free to use anywhere around world.

"Leave on, she's ugly."
"Leave on that car mate, you can find better."

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What does "Leave" mean?

When leaves fall off of trees; the act of leaves leaving trees during the season of Autumn; trees letting go of their leaves.

There's a chill in the air, the trees are thinning and leaving.

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Leave - what does it mean?

when your ex gives you an option to stay or go after cheating on you.

ex: you have your options to stay or leave

me: see that door? im going TO LEAVE.

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Leave - meaning

To go out of, or away from. Such as leaving the house; to go elsewhere.

I should be leaving any moment now.

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Leave - definition

Weed, Marijuana, Pot, Ganja, etc.

Dr. Dre: Still puffin' my leaves

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Leave - slang

Leave it, let it be.

Leave it.

My car won't start, leave it.

My wallet was stolen, leave it.

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The guy leaves his dick inside his woman after he's ejaculated. Depends on the each individual but personally I love it. To stay feeling connected after sex.

When you've finished having some good sex and the guy just doesn't wanna get out of you and leaves his dick inside. Can also be used to express 'leave it in music' i.e hot steamy RnB tunes that you just have to make out too.

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something my dad is a pro at, and something you better not be good at

dont leave or ill cut u

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To have sex with your girl and leave as soon as possible.

I went to Barbie's house last night and had to leave it in and leave so I could go out with the boys.

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