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What is Lancashire?

The act of defecating on a Lancashire hotpot and then disguising the faeces as gravy.

The act is common when the host has dinner guests they are not particulary fond of.

John: Here comes the hotpot!

Liam: Yum yum! My favourite!

John: You want gravy Liam? *Laughing in head about Lancashire shitter*

Liam: Please John, I love lumpy gravy!

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Lancashire - what is it?

Lancashire, AKA. Shitbucket, home of Chinese people and crazy swimmers. Nowhere near as good as Yorkshire.

T'only good thing t'cum oot've Lancashire is t'train.

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What does "Lancashire" mean?

The land of red brick. Just about every building is red brick unlike Yorkshire which actually has beauty.

...lancashire sucks. Cmon go to burnley, nelson, bolton and places inbetween and see what i mean i dare you!

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Lancashire - what does it mean?

A shithole in the north, the one which sucks a lot and is really awful, especially compared to Yorkshire.

Officials are planning on changing the name from Lancashire to Lancashite.

Guy 1: UHHH I iz from Lancashire init!
Guy 2: Well get your sorry unworthy ass away from the beautiful Yorkshire turf which is too good for you

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The crappist, most unlikely of places to find a decent person.......who doesn't like sheep.

Yorkshire Man: Oh shit, sorry lamby, we're gonna have to put you down, that bastard is stuck in your arse again.

Voice from inside sheep: What do you expect? Im from lancashire.

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Best county ever. Better than Yorkshire and the whole South of England.

The rose always looked better in red.

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Lancashire, La La La
Lancashire, La La La
Better than yorkshire!

Lancashire is better than you!

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Lancashire is situated in the north-west of England. Its main places include Bolton, Blackburn, Burnley, Preston, and Lancaster. basically its a bit of a dump. The nicer places for example Whalley and Clitheroe had a luckier escape when chavs came around but unfortuatly the others didnt succeed. Lancashire people are considered thick as they have sluggish accents and sound as if they have mental problems (but we really dont =)
Lancashire aint the best place to live, but the northeners that live there couldnt be more proud. I live in Lancshire, and i wouldnt move for the world!

I bloomin' love Lancashire me
I were born here, I were raised here
And I thought I were gonna die here

That's until work come to me and said
We got a new plant down south
your gonna have to move down there for work

Well I didn't know what to do for best
So I thought I'd have a bit of a stroll around
Get some memories
See if I can figure out what I'm going for dee.

I kissed my girl
By PC World
I dropped me crisps
Outside WH Smiths
They chopped down that tree
To build a KFC

In this Lancashire Town
This Lancashire Town
We both held hands
Outside Matalan's
I tucked in me vest
Outside the old Nat West

I dreamt of Gherkins
Outside Dorothy Perkins
In this Lancashire Town
My Lancashire Town

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winner of the war of the roses

lancashire beat yorkshire in the war of the roses

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County in the north west of england, including lancaster, blackpool, bolton, etc...

he lives in bolton, in lancashire

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