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What is Kobe?

A city in Japan.
See also basketball and rape.

Kobe's in deep shit.

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Kobe - what is it?

When you throw a piece of trash into a trash can, you celebrate by making it and you exclaim Kobe!

Sitting at a lunch table, throw away a bad sandwhich, make it in. "KOBE!!"

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What does "Kobe" mean?

A male with a huge dick. All the ladies love this man. He's a total chick magnet. Amazing at sports.

I wish i was kobe. He's amazing.

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Kobe - what does it mean?

A well known jokester around your community, he's a great basketball player and has his way around the ladies. You gets falsely accused of things like raping girls and will skip college because he's good at sport. This person has birth rights to follow the lakers and not be called a bann wagon. He also has rights to trash talk and punch people if necessary. The name is used when you throw something in a bin during school or throwing a condom into the bin after having sex. This guy is hard working and dedicated and if you have a Kobe around you, you are very lucky.

You wazzup kobe

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To make it rain on these bitches. It can be used after almost anything u do in which u completely dominate whatever ur doing.

Teacher: Edward great job on your test!
Edward: Yo i got a 97?! KOBE!

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An exclamation, referring to talented basketball player and alleged rapist Kobe Bryant, used when someone does something requiring skill or great luck pretending to be skill. Created by Dave Chappelle when throwing a used condom into the trash can after prematurely ejaculating in an episode of Chappelle Show.

(Tosses piece of trash toward the trash can, goes in) KOBE!

(Takes a shot in pool, goes into a completely different pocket then the player anticipated) KOBE!

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When playing an online game, a person throws a grenade from a great distance and still kills the person he was aiming for.

Person 1: (throws grenade at opponent)
Person 2: (blows up out of nowhere) WTF!!!!
Person 1: KOBE!!!

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Usually a chill guy who gets along with everyone and is quite social and loves to meet new people, he loves to chat and have conversations too. he is cute and nice but can be very obnoxious at times.

Kobe is awesome

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a legend someone who inspired lots of people a father a husband the best NBA basketball player, always will be in everyone hearts always n forever R.I.P Kobe Bryant may you rest in peace

“wow he is so good a basketball look at him!”
“that’s kobe bryant!!”

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Phrase used before tossing an object any where or when shooting a basket.

(holds c4) KOBE (throws c4)

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