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What is Kalamazoo?

The act of ejaculating into a girls eye and then using a blow dryer to dry it on the cornea, making it hard like a contact lens.

Andrew: Hey Bryan, I noticed that your skank was walking around and knocking things over like she's blind.

Bryan: Yeah, I gave her a huge Kalamazoo Contact last night.

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Kalamazoo - what is it?

That school located on North Drake road. Despite being named Kalamazoo CENTRAL
It has three floors,

Here are some things about the lamest high school on the north side of Kalamazoo

1st floor is mainly offices, and computer labs, a few classes here or there. Contains the security entrance… were one can be expected to pay unreasonably high prices for new IDs. The business hallway is located in the core of the school. Full of computers, the business hallway can reach ungodly hot temperatures, and with all the schools servers down there, no cell phone carrier is known to be able to cut through all the radio interference.

The Main Stairway - An unimpressive set of stairs that are always crowded. They allow easy access to the cafeteria; an equally unimpressive large room.

The Cafeteria – used by students as a place to hang out while skipping third block classes, it is the loudest room in the school. Students also enjoy using the cafeteria floors as a gigantic garbage can, along with the surrounding bathrooms and hallways. Fights will commonly occur here, and there is always security guards patrolling to keep us at bay.

The SECOND FLOOR – holding the bulk majority of all students, the second floor contains classes for all grade levels, mainly upper classmen, and a few freshman foreign language classes. This is the second most likely place for a fight in the school, and students will commonly be out in the hallways during class yelling at one another.

The Third Floor – the most noticeable thing about this floor is the distinct smell of fresh meat. The majority of the freshman population resides on this level, along with some science labs with broken equipment, and closed off gas lines.

The 500 Wing – used mainly for EFE classes, this wing holds photography, heath, engineering (electrical and structural) art, bilingual club, and dance. Referred to sometimes as ‘the dungeons’, nothing interesting ever happens down there.

The Athletic Wing – the most favored part about this school for most students, this wing hold the gym, weight room, conditioning room, pool, and locker rooms. Used for assemblies, Fights can have huge audiences if timed just right.

Bathrooms – used by girls for large group meetings, and by guys for pissing, the bathrooms throughout the school are used for gambling, drugs, smoking, fights, graffiti, gang meetings, make outs, and of course forgetting to flush shit down the toilet.

Gangs – many gangs have come and gone. All of them operating out of the bathrooms, they don’t do shit, and enjoy writing their symbols on toilets, and school desks.

Full of pride in having a well mixed racial population, students often joke about other districts being racist, and rich (i.e. Mattawan and Portage), and no matter what position you are in, making said jokes will get laughs.

Kalamazoo Central High School will always suck,

but at least it doesn't suck as much as LOY NORRIX

students talking to other students at KALAMAZOO CENTRAL.

student #1 "SO, did you see that fight?"

student #2 "Dude, that one with those white chicks"

student #1 "No, I heard 'bout that one though. I'm talking

about the one near the stairs."

Nerd "Damn! dose motha f***a's was scrapin'!"

Student #3 to Nerd "Dude shutup, you ain't cool!"

student #2 to #1 "No, i missed that fight, i was shootin' dice in the bathroom."

Student #2 "damn, check out that fine lookin' chick over there!"

Students #1, #2 "*whistle* that is da shhhit"

Nerd "I'd hit that bitch,!!!! hot damn"

*girl overhears* *girl group laughs and goes to bathroom together*

Students #1, #2, #3 "What the f***,!!!!!!"

Nerd "sorry, dawgz, though that was cool."

*New student randomly walks into class*

>> *POW* *punches nerd*

New student "so what were you guys talking about?"

Student #1 "the fight."

New student "the one with the fat white girls? that shit was sorry"

*** THUNDER in hallway****

unision - "Oh shit, those motha f***a's are at it again!!!"

*every student runs to hallway

Security arrives. ***crowds disperse***

Student #3 "shit, I missed it!"

Student # 536 holding cellphone camera. "i'm putting this shit on youtube."

Random Student runs past, Steals Phone/camera***

*** group returns to class, finds nerd.

nerd "what i miss"

students Grab Nerd, proceed to throw him into girls bathroom.

Student #3 "what were we talking about?"

student #1 "that fight."

student #3 "The one with the fat Whi-----"

Student #1 "what is it with you and fat white bitches!!!"

Student #3 "thats.....ERrr..... YOUR MOM"

Student #1 "What did you say bout my mama! wanna take this shit outside."

Student #3 *pushest hard* "F*** yea lets go!"

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END OF ACT one>>>>>>>>>>>>

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What does "Kalamazoo" mean?

A mixed beer drink consisting of 1 Pint of Bud Light with 1/4 Can of Red Bull Energy Drink added. It originates from Kalamazoo, MI and was invented by a core group of people that consist of Mike Clapp, Shelli Clapp, Joe Taylor, Justi Harris, Justin Lorimer, Austin Working, Mary Vanderbeck.

Mike, shelli, Joe, Justi, Justin, Austin, and Mary went to Shakespears Pub and ordered a round of Kalamazoo Kickers.

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Kalamazoo - what does it mean?

Origianlly a Northern Baptist College, Kalamazoo College is a Liberal Arts school that is, oddly enough, in the city of Kalamazoo. There are about 1200 students with only 900 or so on campus at any one time because we send a lot of students around the world. We produce more Ph. D.s than Harvard. We also host the USTA boys nationals every year. We're a pretty happy bunch of kids and we like our pot and licquor nice and strong. Even when we are sick, overworked, and falling over from the lack of sleep, we still love K College.

No, I don't go to Western Michigan University or Kalamazoo Valley Community College, I go to Kalamazoo College!

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Kalamazoo - meaning

A pretty chill City with WMU and K college... and a SHIT TON OF BARS. Great place for a "Beercation". Watch out for homeless people and drunk students. Living here isn't for everyone. People here are pretty friendly, just stay out of the ghetto areas. Lots of business, lots of women, lots of students, and plenty of beer and pot to go around.

YES! There really is a Kalamazoo

Aaron: "Hey man, lets go bar hopping in Downtown Kalamazoo and get fucked up."
Cameron: "Alright man, lets smoke this bowl first"
Aaron: "Word"

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Kalamazoo - definition

When a man is eating a girl (or other man) out, he pukes inside her vagina or Butthole and proceeds by performing intercourse in the same hole. Using the vomit as lubricant, he pulls out and has a vomit covered penis. The partner then sucks the vomit covered penis off until it ejaculates.

Wow, you gave that girl a Kalamazoo Corndog?... HELL YES BRO!

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Kalamazoo - slang

Kalamazoo is the most incredible guy on the planet. BUT only the second greatest person :)

For other words describing Kalamazoo please see...
amazing, super, incredible, gorgeous, sweet, hot, oh.. and one more!! -> mine :)

Kalamazoo is my sexy bizotch!

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A town where nothing occurs. I think our mascot is the... I dont really know, and nobody really cares. But we have the KWings, I guess thats pretty cool. Not really. Kalamazoo is shitty, and horrible, the best thing we have here is maybe our library, it is pretty nice looking.

I just visited this town and i bought a shirt that said " Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo" - exept, people who really do here, buy these shirts...and wear them. NO shit there really is a kalamazoo, you live here dumbf**k

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Yes it does exist! It's in Michigan and is a bigger town than people probably think, mainly due to the fact that it's home of Western Michigan University. There is also the much smaller Kalamazoo College, also called K College. There is usually plenty of to do in the area and the public library is nationally known.

"there's a place called Kalamazoo?!"

"I hear there's a party in the student ghetto tonight."

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kalamazoo, yes its real!! i have been there!!!! it has a nice mall, and its in MICHIGAN!!!!!!! yeah..... and its quite big and it has KVCC! lol, which is a lame ass colege but it works

lets go to the bad side of kalamazoo and get some hookers babe!!!!! CHEAH!

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