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What is Kaitlin?

Can be nice when she wants to be but can also be a total bitch,sexy everyone wants her, she is a great best friend, amazing kisser and amazing in bed

Nice your with kaitlin

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Kaitlin - what is it?

An absolutely stunning girl who is skinny but hates to admit it. She has had a rough past with lots of issues and people putting her down, but she charges through her problems head first and will never show any sign of weakness. She has a few hobbies and is amazing at all of them. She is extremely intelligent but hates to admit her failures. She is very self conscious even though there is no need to be. She possibly had an accident at a younger age that resulted in her having some changes physically but that doesn't define her. She has stunning dark brown ringlet hair and outstanding baby blue eyes. Once you have a kaitlin DO NOT lose her, she is truly one of a kind!

Friend: you look so good today!
Kaitlin: yeah right

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What does "Kaitlin" mean?

A person who is beautiful on the inside and out. She is ambitious and intelligent. She is a hard worker and very dependable. She puts her family and friends first. She is tough mentally and physically. Not someone to be messed with. Doesn't have a social filter; she tells it like it is no sugar coating. Is always the leader never the follower. Doesn't require many friends but rather a few very close ones. Kaitlin's are loyal friends and vengeful enemies.

"That girl is beautiful, fun, and smart!"
"yeah, she's a total Kaitlin"

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Kaitlin - what does it mean?

a cute funny and sweet girl who loves her friends and would do anything for them.

wow, everyone wants to be kaitlin.

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Kaitlin: The most Beautiful person on the face of the planet. Her eyes have their own language that she only lets certain people learn. If you chose to be friends with her she'll love you forever. BUT. If you annoy her/ piss her off she'll use her Words Of Power (Skyrim Reference) to destroy you. She will do anything for her friends to keep them safe and well and expect nothing in return. If you manage to be the special person she Loves then prepare. Not for the worse. Prepare to be smashed with love. She is constantly trying to outdo you to prove she loves you more. She'll make fun and creative nick names for you such as Boo. If you chose to be her friend she'll be the most Amazing, Kindest, Beautiful, Cute, Fun, Exciting, Caring and Loving person you will ever meet.

Kaitlin is so awsome
WOW Kaitlin

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A woman that defines what perfect means. A woman that’s worth fighting for, waiting for. A woman that deserves everlasting love from only the very best.

I knew from the moment that I met Kaitlin that I wanted her for the rest of my life.

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Kaitlin's are beautiful people no matter what any one else thinks. They are easy to talk to and they make the best of friends. They are kind, caring, and sweet to those who care back. They make the worst of enemies because they like to get the last word in. They are mysterious human beings but they always have a story to tell. They make the best friends because you know you can trust them with your life. They may be insecure sometimes, but at the end of the day, they realize there is no reason to be. They will make you laugh because you can have fun with them no matter what. Everyone should have a Kaitlin in there life.

"wow....kaitlin's beautiful"
" i know she is. I wish i was kaitlin"

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A beautiful, funny girl who would do anything for her friends. Trustworthy and unique. Not only will she steal anyone’s heart, she’ll stay true to it

Kaitlin is the best human

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is a beautiful and funny girl who isnt afraid to tell her ideas and opinions. She is also freaky and not shy around her crushes at all. She is respected but dont get on her bad side or your dead.

that girl kaitlin is a jawnn.

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The best friend that you could possibly ever have. She is always there for you whenever you need her and she always know what to say and do to every situation. One of the most hilarious people that you will ever meet in your entire life. Kaitlin's love babies and are some of the most caring people that you will ever meet. Kaitlin's are usually very athletic and good at a large variety of sports. Kaitlin's can also be described as hard working. Any guy would be lucky to have a Kaitlin because they are everything that any guy would ever want and more. Kaitlin's are extremely pretty and most of the time don't even realize it even though the rest of the world clearly does. If you ever have the chance to have a Kaitlin in your life I would definitely let her in!

Anyone would want to have a Kaitlin as their best friend, but she already has hers.

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