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What is Kaira's?

A sadistic person with a strange sense of humor, really only likes anime memes. Has little friends that understand her personality and hobbies. Does not think of them as games. Many overall friends that are more games, and things to use for her own purposes and gains. Has many business partners, bank accounts, and a confidential past with club zero. A very secretive person, has many secrets that only her fiance knows all of. Mentally and physically unstable when emotions are allowed to activate. Stay aware of facial expressions and moods.Trained with many weapons and martial arts. Not to be underestimated in a fight. Potentially dangerous. Has inconspicuous personal guards to protect her at all times, she calles them her "watchdogs". Has many names and nicknames. Mainly goes by Kaira and Azuza. Azuza is her main name, but Kaira is often used in the states of Minnesota and Oklahoma. Relations with Pope Francis and Elizabeth the 2nd, other world leaders not to be named. To be kept under supervision.

"Hey kaira/azuza whats up?"

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Kaira's - meme gif

Kaira's meme gif

Kaira's - video

Kaira's - what is it?

Kaira’s are very observant , at first you’ll think she’s quiet but she will find out anything and everything about you. Kaira’s are so fun to be around, their always the life of the party. Definitely a sexual person often shows when they are horny. Most Kaira’s wear glasses and are the best readers.

Guy: β€œWow kaira is great at reading”
Kaira’s friend: β€œIKR”

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What does "Kaira's" mean?

(adj.) If something is very small or miniscule compared to other things.

e.g. Wow, that vase is Kaira compared to the book I had!

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Kaira's - what does it mean?

An extremely beautiful girl, feminine version of the Greek god Kairos. Tall, extremely intelligent and excellent to have a conversation with. Despite being known for her stunning looks, she always aces her tests and makes her parents proud. She will do anything for her friends, family and lover, and usually become fantastic friends with everyone. She is undoubtedly kind, caring and compassionate, turn to her in your times of need, she will reassure you and stick around for the greater good. If you ever come across a Kaira, love her with all your heart, she can be hurt easily but will not show it easily. She is adventurous and also has a wild streak.

Friend: Hey Kaira, can you help me revise for a Biology test?
Kaira: Of Course, I am always happy to help

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Kaira's - meaning

A short beautiful girl, who never gives up on anyone , unless they give her a reason to, country from head to toes and swear they don't have an accent but really do. Will most likely be a attitude catching person and wont be able to stand the word "Thot"

Kaira is a beautiful person but has an attitude!

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Kaira's - definition

Kaira's are very smart, unusually observant and perceptive. Sometimes controlling but only for the greater good. They try to help people and better themselves. Definitely old souls.

She's so determined. Her name is obviously Kaira.

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Kaira's - slang

Feminime version of the greek god Kairos. Usually very pretty, happy, and tall. Loves lots of people and will do anything for her friends and lover. She always takes the chance of opportunity.

That girl's name must be Kaira.

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At first she seems quiet but once to get to know her she never shuts up, kairas are always so much fun to hang out with but they do have a naughty streak, they make such fantastic best friends and if you ever want to have an interesting to kaira because they are always so relaxed and chilled

Bestfriend: do you want to go for a swim in your pjs?
Kaira: only if we can stand on lilos and pretend that there is a shark in the pool
Bestfriend: agreed

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