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What is Justin Trudeau?

Individual and artistic, a Justine usually doens't give a crap about what anybody thinks of her.
Innovative and sincere, a Justine is a jack of all trades and appears to succeed in all that she puts her mind to or at least appear to. ;)
Thus, insecure people will either hate on a Justine just for breathing or feel safe under a Justine's wing. ( due to a Justine's natural paternal nature)

"Oh my god, did you see Justine today? She always looks good withought even trying! I HATE her sometimes..."
"I can't do that! Why don't we ask Justine, she's supposed to be really good at that kind of stuff, right?"
"Man, it isn't a party until Justine walks through that door!"

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Justin Trudeau - what is it?

justin is the kind of person who is really shy when you first meet him. he is funny when you talk to him and when you see him you get butterflies. he says the cutest things sometimes but he can fuck them up by saying something to make him look more like a man. he tries to fit in by acting like an asshole but when you get to know him he is really the sweetest, funniest, most loveable person you could ever meet. he makes you fall inlove and you will always have a place in your heart for him. hes the kind of guy that you could say i love you to for the rest of your life. he is the kind of guy who will let you know how he feels and make you feel like an angel. yup, justin is an amazing person.

justin is the sweetest

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What does "Justin Trudeau" mean?

Best friend that you could ever have. Can be very annoying and retarted sometimes but other times he can be the sweetest guy in the world, he loves memes and is the funniest person ever!

If you acctually meet a Justin u are the luckiest person on earth, he has been through tough times but can always fight the urge and keep up with his life, he battles with his fears and always wins. He's amazing at maths and he loves school. He has an amazing personality and first he will be shy but if you get him to trust you he will be the sweetest. He loves playing video games on any device, usually plays on a console. He is an amazing person with an incredible personality. So if you ever go by a Justin you are so lucky.

1. Hey Justin, wassup?
2.Oh hey, I'm grand, just playing some video games, what you up to Mike
1.Ah nothing..... Just found out a girl likes you a lot

2.WHAT? no one likes me though
1. I swear she told me

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Justin Trudeau - what does it mean?

1. The action of which you are too cool to say hello to someone and you just give them the chin up. This move could distroy a mans soul.

2. A way of life which demonstrates day to day the ability to be the biggest badass ever to walk the streets of dearborn michigan. Consists of never greeting someone formally, walking around with the chest protruding out at least six inches with the head leaned back 12, and shaking hands with your elbow reaching 6-8 inches behind the back and cocking the arm at a 75 degree angle from the shoulder with fingers outstretched. Establish your badassery on the daily.

I saw Phil and gave him The Trudeau.

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Justin Trudeau

Up yours, Fuck you, Asshole, Flipping the Bird.

The Trudeau Salute; Raising the middle finger to a symbol of authority or power, or the Media. Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau famously flipped the bird to reporters and others in the 1970's.

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Justin Trudeau

Another way to say "giving the finger" or "flipping the bird" which is primarily used in Canada. This is after a famous incident of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, who gave the finger to a group of protesters who were yelling anti-french sayings at him.

Billy - "That guy wouldn't leave me alone, so I gave him the Trudeau salute."

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Justin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is the infomercial overlord (Yeah Ron Popeil has been around longer but Kevin has owned so many more people!). Kevin has been on the air for more than a decade selling products such as Mega Memory, the notorious Coral Calcium & biotape and most recently a book titled "Natural cures they don't want you to know about", just to name a few. Kevin Trudeau has also gotten himself in trouble with the FTC for making faulty claims in his infomercials. For more information look him up on the net, there is a lot more out there about him now than there was not too long ago.

Cancer is NOT a disease!

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Justin Trudeau

The type of cigarettes we will all be smoking in Canada once Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Nice Hair officially make marijuana legal.

Hey man I'm just stepping out for a toke break, can I bum a Trudeau cigarette off you?

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Justin Trudeau

A hot guy running for a political office. Derived from PM Justin Trudeau, whose ripped body is one of Canada's national treasures.

He is Trudeauing to become the next Premier of Saskatchewan.

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Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister of Canada

Justin Beiber: I'm moving to Canada where Justin Trudeau rules.

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