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What is Julia Gillard?

Julia Gillard is Australia's first female Prime Minister. She was voted to take over Kevin Rudd on 24th June 2010 even though it wasn't a federal election.

person a: did u hear about kevin rudd got fired from being pm?
person b: yer they replaced him with Julia Gillard

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Julia Gillard - what is it?

Prime Minister of australia who is a total dipshit who enjoys racking up the debt of Australia, taxing anything and everything she can think of. Also likes to stab her cabinet members in the back. She is not australias first female pm either, also fails at everything.

google search julia gillard and her failures

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What does "Julia Gillard" mean?

27th Prime Minister of Australia of the ALP
also, 1st female PM and youngest (as of 24th June 2010)
she has red hair (ranga) and has a boyfriend, Tim Mathieson, a hairdresser (fairy boy)
she succeeded kevin rudd

when julia gillard was sworn in on 24th of june 2010, all of australia went "nooo not a ranga!!!"

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Julia Gillard - what does it mean?

Scientific name for Satan. Can be identified by bright red head fur and complete lack of chin. If you find a Gillard it will most likely have a knife in one hand whilst clasping tax dollars in the other.

Friend1: 'This ranga stole my green, stabbed me with a knife and ran off with with 2 independants. I later heard she sucked their pricks'

Friend2: 'must have been a Julia Gillard'

Friend1: 'totes'

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Julia Gillard - meaning

The first female Prime Minister of Australia, who is a total fucking deadshit.

Girl: Yay! Julia Gillard's our PM!

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Julia Gillard - definition

1. A liar.

Julia Gillard: Good morning, everyone.
Rest of the room: *checks watches to confirm that it is, in fact, morning*

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