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What is Janice?

A term for a perfect woman. One who's style and beauty are difficult to describe. Who's scent intoxicates and excites. A truly beautiful soul with a smile and touch that can heal the infirm. The type of woman one searches for their whole life.

I think I've found my Janice. My life is complete.

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Janice - what is it?

Janice is a very hardworking, honest, dependable, and genuine friend. She has patience when under pressure. She is probably a descendant of royalty and would be a stunning Princess and Queen. She is humble, modest and soft spoken But will stand up for what is write. She is a great righter and storyteller, if she was President ( wow could you imagine the first woman President). She has great taste in friends and people so she will have no trouble picking her Cabinet.. Gotta love Janice she is so unique I love her more than she knows. Her beauty is like no other with her heart melting magical eyes and of course she has got the Greatest smile! Your problems will simply fade away just being with her.

Drum roll
Announcer#1: Introducing the 46th president of the United States of America, The wonderful Janice!

First woman president and well worth the wait I'd say. She will do what is right for our country!

(crowd cheers)

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What does "Janice" mean?

Janice is wonderful. She is thoughtful and caring, she has always shown her strengths by pointing out yours. But in reality she is who makes you a better person. She has shown me what it means to care.

Janice, I know you gave when you felt you had little to give. The Janice I know gave with all she could when she felt no love. Truely I think she is the best!!

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Janice - what does it mean?

Janice is a wild crazy nice girl. She is shy and outspoken, she knows the power she holds over me and I like it. She has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. When you look into her eyes you can see how incredible a soul Janice is. She is a lover and a fighter for life. If you have ever met a Janice I think you will agree. She lights my life with her graciousness and irresistible charm in everything she does.

Janice is a lover and I love her forever.

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A smart, caring, creative, amazingly creative girl, an absolute gem, she is beautiful and is my dream girl. Would make a great Mom. Janice knows she is my reason for everything I do. She is the most incredible and loving girl I have ever known. She seems to always put herself second to others she is friends with. Truly she is a selfless friend.

Janice you will always be my reason for everything I do. I wish to prove it to you, to prove it to the world that we could be happy together. I would forever wish to make you happy.

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Janice is a great friend. She is kind and beautiful and has a good sense of direction. She enjoys traveling to visit her friends. She is a strong person with many passions. Sometimes a Janice will have a change of heart and forgive and give you another chance and other times she will just need a hug 2. Janice is someone if you didn't know you will wish you knew.

Hi Janice, I wish I knew you when I was young.

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Janice is the only girl you will want to be with once you meet her. She has a simple carm about her that you dream about all the time. If you struggle through any problems you imagine that just being with Janice that they will all

get better. Her kindness is not to be confused with weakness since she is one of the strongest women that I know of other than my own mother. Janices or most Janices are always good and worth their wait. Just imagine how magical and wonderful you and her would be together and how much joy it would bring you to make her truely happy.

Janice I know you will be reading this somewhere one day. I can only imagine that my Janice that I love will read this one day and just know who I am and that I do really care. Janice you are always on my mind and you are the world to me.

I love you Janice.

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Janice is a kind caring girl. She knows how to have a good time and knows that it's the little things that matter in life. She knows how to turn a frown into a smile any day of the week. She is the cutest girl in school and I think the cutest girl in the Whole Wide World!!

Me: Alexander would you pass a note for me?

Alexander: no I don't want to get in the middle.
Me: Jean? Would you pass a note for me?
Jean: why don't you fold it into a paper airplane and throw it to her?

Me: good idea! Here goes. I hope she gets it.
Alexander: nice throw! The teacher didn't even notice!

Janice is reading it.
Jean: look who is blushing!

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She is the girl you meet and right away you feel like you can be yourself around her. She is silly, fun, has this sort of fast exciting clap that makes you know she is happy and knowing that is all that matters. She is scare easily which makes is very fun to try to scare her but don't do it too much, she will not enjoy it.This girl can change my mood from irritated, mad, stressful to happy, she makes me want to be my best! She's stunning and has a distinct personality she's kind caring and loves to have a laugh.she's someone you can trust and will brighten up your day.
She doesn't like taking life too seriously but she will focus on her work.She can make you feel good about yourself and make you laugh even when your feeling down.
A Janice is someone you will definitely want to be friends with. She can sometimes be annoying but definitely on a good way.Her style and beauty is hard to describe.She's unique and all the boys secretly hide that they love her , but she can always tell.

'"Oh my gosh Janice looks super cute today, as always" whispered Samantha

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A name for a beautiful,creative,and loving person. She loves her friends and family. She is loving and kind. Always creative and smart. Smiles and never gives up. Make others life easier.

Janice, my darling you are a rose.

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