Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Jake's?

A man from State Farm that sells you insurance.

It's Jake. Jake from State Farm.

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Jake's - what is it?

did your mom

jake did your mom

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What does "Jake's" mean?

The dog on Advednture Time!

JAKE! Use your stretchy power to wrap up that monster!

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Jake's - what does it mean?

cops, narcs, fbi or anyone that can arrest.

yo keep an eye out for the jakes for you have to do time.

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Jake's - meaning

Alternative for jk (just kidding).

Person #1: Yo this new Cardi B song is pretty dope!
Person #2: Ew what the fuck is wrong with you?
Person #1: Nah bro, i’m just jakeing.

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Jake's - definition

The police, usually just traffic officers.

The Jakes are everywhere in these parts.

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Jake's - slang

The Wu-Tang Clan popularized "The Jakes" as being the cops... Pigs... C-Cipher Punks... The Beast.

"Beefing, leaving behind cream, Not even peeping that I was leaking, Won't see the precinct just got a recent case beaten, Still The Jakes are creeping, Keep the ruger peeling who's squealing...

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the feds
Federal agents

yo, everybody clear, it's the jake

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When one of your friends make a joke and then the kid that thinks he’s funny tries add on and completely ruins the joke

Shii man you jaked it so hard

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The act of conspicuously staring at a girls butt

Guy 1 "Hey do you see that guy over there? I think he's Jakeing!"
Guy 2 "Yeah he is, look at his eyes, he's too obvious with it."
Guy 1 "He must think that girls got a great ass."

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