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What is Jäger?

A Jäger Bomb is a Jägermeister shot drop into a beer(or Red Bull if preferred) and then you chug it.

The ladies at the bar did five Jäger Bombs and got fucked up.

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Jäger - what is it?

when you mix Jägermeister with Country Time lemonade that has mixed with water already.

yo I got so hung over last night by drinking that "Jäger-aid"

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What does "Jäger" mean?

The art of "sipping" Jäger-Bombs instead of simply "bombing" them.

Originating from a bar in Co. Limerick, two semi-alcoholics discovered that Jägermeister and Red Bull are not only a great combination for getting completely intoxicated, they also provide the taste buds with a delightful experience. Therefore one should sip their beverage, allowing them to savour the flavour whilst also getting "#Hammered".

"Conall what drink can we have that tastes nice but will also get us pissed?"


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Jäger - what does it mean?

This is when many identical glasses are lined up, all but one at the end filled with Red Bull, shot glasses placed on the rims to straddle each gap between glasses and filled with Jägermeister, then the shot glass at the end is tipped over. If done correctly, all the shot glasses will fall in a domino rally and create many Jäger bombs in rapid succession.

Fifteen people in a row at the bar all ordered Jäger bombs, so the bartender set up a Jäger train to serve them all.

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Jäger - meaning


My mother died of jäger

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Jäger - definition

Jäger is a German word that in english translates to "hunter". It's also the name of the most fucking sexy operater in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Friend: "Shhh, he's a jäger, trained to kill with no hesitation what so ev-" *shot*
You: "I'm fucked"

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Jäger - slang

A depressed former spawn peeker who can no longer enjoy spawn peeking due to the loss of his beloved ACOG.

Haha! What a loser! That Jäger can't even spawnpeek anymore!

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A unit of measurement of four kilograms, not associated with the alcoholic beverage: Jägermeister. pronounced "Yay-gerr"

Customer: "I'll have a quarter Jäger of your finest beef."
Shopkeep: "That'll be a seventeenth Jäger of your copper pieces."

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A German word meaning 'hunter'. Most often seen in America on a bottle of Jägermeister

Did you see that shot? Hans is a Jägermeister. A master hunter.

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A man who has a 416-C Carbine, P12 and a knife and will kill your four teammates within 10 seconds of the round and will run out a drop shot you then t-bag your dead body.

Jäger is being a cancerous shit and is at the spawnpeak

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