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What is Italian suit?

A cotton jump suit typically worn by Italians while doing leisurely things such as gambling, wearing large gold chains, and kicking faces in. A standard Italian liesure suit will have a zip up upper (with white T-shirt under) and matching pants. Said liesure suit can be nylon or cotton and converted to Italian formal wear simply by adding an italian neck tie (gold chain) and sandals with white socks.

JUSTIN- "That Everlast Italian leisure suit is dope Jayson".

JAYSON- "I know, I was so happy the Steelers beat Cincy that I thought I would treat myself to somthething special".

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Italian suit - video

Italian suit - what is it?

Something of so high value that even the fake ones are worth $2800 of your bank deposit

he looked like a really trustworthy guy. it could have happened to any of you. he had a fucking suit on... am i supposed to think this random man asking me for $2800 had bad intentions? also i have 4 new italian suits so fuck you guys seriously~

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