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What is Irish?

More likely to be a girl name , very emotional girl ... but Very strong . highly intelligent but gets distracted easily . loves sports .. keeps guards up around her cause of trust issues . Comes off as mean and disrespectful but inside a crybaby .. will be successful very early on in life .

Irish will be the best with in herself by herself .

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Irish - what is it?

1. A person who comes from the great country of Ireland. Well known for being able to handle drink unlike the British or the Americans and being able to handle semi-automatic weaponry due to the fact that half the country is serving or have served in either the FCA or the Slua in their spare time. See Steyr AUG

2. A language that will be dead in twenty years if the Polish, Romanians and Nigerians keep coming in. (Not trying to make that sound racist)

3. What 50 million Americans who've never been to Ireland claim to be.

I'm proud to be Irish

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What does "Irish" mean?

If you are Irish you are one of the greatest people alive. The Irish are the most smart and sophisticated people ever to walk the planet.

I'm 12.5% Irish from my mum.

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Irish - what does it mean?


One of the best ethnicities to be. Great food, great lifestyles, great everything. Only hated by those who wish to be like us, and those who have no education.

I'm Irish...Be Jealous

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Irish - meaning

A beautiful group of people. Lovely Lush of green. Calm peaceful wind of the land. Always with a happy smile. Great food. Sophisticated and soft people always a beautiful culture. Always will they be allies with the Americans. I am proud to know that these nice people are our allies.

I am also proud to know that I have 12.5% of Irish blood flowing through my veins. I love the Emerald Isle!

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Irish - definition

one of the proudest and bravest nations on the face of the Earth,
lots of influential Americans think they have Irish roots.
the population of Ireland fell from close to 9 million to about 4 million in the famine at the end of the 19th century.
The Irish were invaded by the British and Brits had a stranglehold of the Irish for the better part of a millenium,
the British, led by their bloodthirsty leader Oliver Cromwell, terrorized Irish citizens and treated them like scum. Nevertheless the Irish remained strong and proud and in 1916 the British government pressured Michael Collins (the Nationalist leader) into signing a treaty which partly seperated them from the british

hey, did you know that the Irish Earl of Cork was the first man ever to experiment with chemistry?

the Irish are one of the best nations on the Earth

EVERYONE wishes they were Irish!!!

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Irish - slang

1. The lovely people from Ireland

2. The ones who fought the english for over 800 years (we haven't really gotten over that)
3. Best drinkers and safest drinkers to be around (if you saw the euros 2016 you'd know)
4. The beautiful language spoken in Ireland
"Beidh muid ag ardΓΊ arΓ­s"
5. The makers and founders of Guinness
6. Awesome people
7. Beautiful landscapes

Basically one of the best countries

F.Y.I we're not all leprechauns or red heads and we DONT HAVE LUCKY CHARMS here!
Also it's St.Patricks day or St.Paddys day not St.Pattys day

The Irish have the best Guinness you can get

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These guys and girls know how to have a good time. Out of all the other europeans and besides germans they are the best!

Dude that irish party is rockin!

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Some good people who have nice history. Have nice displays of castles and their food's delicious. Casual and smart.

Irish go for Ireland.

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Adjective used to describe the bravest men, the most beautiful women, the loveliest landscape, and the best whiskey ever to bless the Earth.

Used in most countries to describe what they wish they were.

"Mon Dieu! My snail-eating country is full of cowards and ugly women. Why did not God make me Irish?!"

"We wudna turned tail at Dunkirk if we'd been the bloody Irish."

"Irish? Ain' dat some foo'ball team?"

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