Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Il?

A queen/angel that is too good for this world and will alway stick with you no matter what happens

For example if you yell at an Ile they will make sure your okay and will alway support you no matter what

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Il - meme gif

Il meme gif

Il - video

Il - what is it?

Riley, shy, but sweet in her own way. her smile lights up the room and she laughs at everything. she’s beautiful but doesn’t know it, and she gets all the boys.

ile is the sweetest person!!

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What does "Il" mean?

Bad bitch with the best personality

She’s a il girl I want to be her

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Il - what does it mean?

A hot beast that spends her time eating, but doesn’t get fat. She is also very athletic and sensitive when it comes to something she cares about! Watch out for ile.

She is such an ile
Quit being an ile
I love how she’s being an ile

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Il - meaning

U ugly

Your il

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Il - definition

Nice guy, laughable , relatable , funny, fat ass, huge cock,

Omg il had such a fat ass!

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Il - slang

Ur doing the tik tok where u take away the first

And last letter of ur name

Hi, I am il

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The universal term for when one needs to feed their pet eel

Bro I think it’s Il time

Yeah I can’t come over I gotta Il

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The universal time for when one needs to feed their pet eel

Brother, it is time to initiate the il

Yeah I can’t come over I gotta il

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A Very sweet girl who needs more hype on TikTok.. she’s dresses so sick she’s il..

Look at that il girl she needs the hype on TikTok

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