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What is I want it?

A word that signifies a want to die

Person - I want to die
Person #2 - No u

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I want it - video

I want it - what is it?

i want to die

Not to be taken literal. So if anyone says this, don’t stab them .

Erika: I want to die
Me: same

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What does "I want it" mean?

A sarcastic/snarky reply, used mostly when someone says "We want a..." followed by a very hard/impossible request.

The short form of saying "It would probably be neat, but it's just NOT possible."

"We want a copy protection solution that's 100% unbreakable."

"Yes, and I want a pony."

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I want it - what does it mean?

I want to go there

Tina Fey's 3-year-old daughter's eyes glossed over as she watched a Disney commercial and proclaimed "I want to go to there". (sauce)

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I want it - meaning

a moment in time where you feel so fucking sad that you want die

Tyler: so the creator of spongebob died
Joseph: I want die

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I want it - definition

Take a moment. Breathe in. Hold it. Breathe out and let it all out.
Oh gosh baby, don't say that. I know things may be difficult, and that's okay. It's okay to feel this way. But you have so much worth and I'm so grateful that you are alive. And I am so proud of you. You are so much stronger than you think. life is so much more than feeling depressed or anxious every day. I know how you feel. I promise you that one day, you will wake up and enjoy every single breath you take. You will wake up to feel EXCITED for the day to come. I promise you, that you will feel OKAY. So please, promise me to stay alive. Let's link our pinkies together and promise each other.

Thank you for reading this and remember, you are loved. I love you.

If you or a loved one is in any danger, please call tel:1-800-273-8255

"I want to die"
" You'll be okay, I promise you my love"

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I want it - slang

to wish someone was yours, to love someone so much. you want to be with them, you want them to feel the same way as you do. you want them.

ex: i want you. i need you.

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I want it

What the fuck do you think it means

Jim: "I want to die".

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I want it

When someone says something stupid, and gets stupid slapped, but their friend wanted to slap them.

Kid 1. Dude think about it 40*20 is 60
Kid 2. NO! (Stupid slap)
Kid 3. I want that.

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I want it

I Want That!: When said to someone male or female, It's notifying that you would want to undergo a steady relationship with the person it's said to. It also compliments them knowing you would try to get at them. It is said in a high pitched voice and usually will stop and get the persons attention to make them stop and think about it until they actually get it.

Michael: "I Want That!"

Lanea: (Pauses..)aww your sweet..

Michael: Will you go out with me?


Michael: But I complimented you...

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