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What is I think so?

A response to a complement which is likely backhanded.

Liz: "There are good ass holes and there are bad ass holes. You're a good ass hole."

Maggie: "Thanks ... I think."

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I think so - what is it?

The cool way of saying 'in my opinion'. It is often said after sharing pretty suspect opinions/bullshit. It can be abbreviated to 'ILTTS'

''aslong as they provide sexual favours women should be allowed the same rights as men...i like to think so''

'aslong as they provide sexual favours disabled people should be allowed the same rights as men...i like to think so''

''i hope my neighbour lets her children in the garden tonight so i can watch them play...i like to think so''

''i met a black person yesterday...i like to think so''

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What does "I think so" mean?

Adjective noun; A phrase of impending animosity which is commonly used in conversations that do not have an advesarial tone.

"Does Tufts have rolling admissions?"
“I don’t think so biatch.”

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I think so - what does it mean?

A line repeatedly used in the song Obsession by exo. Said in a classic monotonous voice by the x-exo clones, It has become a meme among exols. Personally speaking, this is a line that will live on forever. It's like Shawty Imma Party Till the Sundown or chogiwa.


Exols: Please give exo proper promotions .
SM: I don't think so (EXO).

2. Exols: Give Sehunnie more lines.
SM: I don't think so.

3 . Exols: We want a comeback with Lay.
Sm: I don't think so.

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I think so

adjective noun; a conversation ending phrase akin to "GI Joe" and "No soap, radio!"

"Do you have to register?"
"I don't think so biatch."

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I think so

A quote used by a bold one whilst facing a robotic general that's shorter than expected. It is used to counter said general's claims that he is doomed.

"Army or not, you must realize... YOU are doomed!!"
"Oh I don't think so"

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I think so

What smelly people from texas that now live in new hampshire say

Are you from texas?
I don't think so
but you are!
I dont think so

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I think so

A phrase that instantly deflates the intensity of one's argument.

Commonly used to sound more polite when making a suggestion, or more humble when making an observation. It can also add a subtle flair to an insult.

I think the government is doing a fine job.

I think you should shut the hell up.

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I think so

When someone named manny says I think so to a simple question that a yes or no answer only

Girl -"So are we still friends "
Manny- "I think so"

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I think so

A way of saying that you don't know but want to make it look like you might know. Similar to saying "I'm pretty sure," but could also mean "I'm not totally sure."

Soldad: Did you do your homework?
Sonia: I think so.

Jeff: Is the final tomorrow?
Lola: I think so.

Chris: Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!
Jackie: I think so.
Chris: Is that a yes or a no?

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