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What is I suppose?

A series of phonemes commonly uttered by English language speakers who share a common defect in English language acquisition.

When asked if she had received competent English language instruction, Alberta replied "supposably."

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I suppose - what is it?

the way about 50% of the people pronounce "supposedly", with a D, not a V. also can be substituted with "supposebly". is supposively really sweet.

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What does "I suppose" mean?

The way complete morons pronounce 'supposEDly'. Why do they do it? Why? Why?! WHY?!?

Tess: Is the new James Bond film any good?
Bruce: Supposively.
Tess: It's supposedly you moob. SUPPOSEDLY!! God's sake!

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I suppose - what does it mean?

An incorrect pronunciation of the word "supposedly" which, seriously, lots and lots of people think is correct.

When used by people trying to sound cultured it makes them seem like complete idiots.

Joey: "Did they go to the zoo? Supposibly"

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I suppose

smack smack smack. sizzle sizzle. pop. pop. none. not even one.

all the white horses in the sun, how'm i supposed to get any ridin' done.

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I suppose

uh idk you look bored, hbu just go outside and play. didn't yo mum tell ya to do that?

uhhhhhhhh no. IM BORED FUCK OFF what am i supposed to type here?

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I suppose

A meme created on February 7th, 2009 featuring a picture of the Watchmen character "The Comedian" uttering the phrase "Just A Matter Of Time, I Suppose" with yellow lettering above his head. The phrase originated from the beginning of the second trailer for the live action Watchmen film due out on March 6th, 2009. There is speculation that the meme's origins could date as far back as a month, but the first .jpg file occured when a newfag on /co/ went trolling and posted the phrase "If this isn't a meme in the next 12 hours, everyone dies." Multiple people reacted to the terrorism and it officially became a meme on February 8th, 2009 because nobody died and eventually it started showing up on other boards such as /b/. Some oldfags have called it the greatest meme of 2009 so far but others say that it is only around because every Zack Snyder film needs a meme. Whether this meme will survive is just a matter of time, I suppose.

Anon1: If this isn't a meme in the next 12 hours, everyone dies.

Anon2: Just A Matter of Time, I Suppose

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I suppose

1. A term used to describe the transition from rock musician to top ten legend. Usually spoken in the Soho area of London specifically the Berwick Street region.

2. Usually associated with the disappearance of famous musical artists. This also attributes to their legend status.

3. The term is also used by drunk art students on forums, who are trying to be deep and emotional but end up looking like soppy, laughable fools.

1. Noel Gallagher walked down Berwick Street, turned to the camera and said thats it then innit, i suppose?

2. If he done that and we never heard from him again, then he would go down as one of the top 10 rock legends of all time.

3. supernovamike

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I suppose

Used as a qualifier to concede a lack of certainty as to what something entails.

I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, the hoes... I suppose

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I suppose

1.)used when someone is talking too much and ur pretending to listen

2.)used when a person is reluctant to say yes as they dont fully appreciate what is being requested

tahsina: toju, would u like to go bowling?
toju: i suppose

toju: i find all these sexual slangs really funny
tahsina: i suppose

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