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What is I saw?

A phrase used to easily get authority and back up a statement in which you have no knowledge or understanding of. Can also be used as an escape route to quickly end or get out of a conversation(see example 2).

George: Don't place it near open flame, jackass.
Mike: Why?
George: Its gonna explode or something...Idk, I saw it on youtube.
Mike: Alright.

(to end/get out of a conversation)
Jim: It's not going to work, you have to fix the wires first.
Bob: Naa man, it's fine. I've done this before.
Jim: Are you sure?
Bob: Idk, I saw this on youtube though.
Jim: Oh okay.

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I saw - what is it?

Said when something is sawed in half, for example, an atom or a child. Wait... OH SHIT

John: I sawed this boat in half!

*distant explosion*

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What does "I saw" mean?

age-old bit of classic school boy doggerel sung to the tune of The Beatles 'Hey Jude'.

Hey Dude, I saw you nude
don't try and fake it,
I saw you naked.
The moment that you went out streaking,
I was at my window -
- peeking.

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I saw - what does it mean?

an expression used when something suprises an individual and they try to look cool

a door hits a blind man

blind man: i saw that coming

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I saw

This is the phrase one uses when another party in a conversation makes a dirty joke and one doesn't get it.

It originally comes from the 9 dolphins optical illusion. (Seen on 9 Dolphins Rum Bottles)

The picture was used to test a Psychological property in children. Research found that the children could not recognize the intimate scene of the couple because they did not have the prior memory association with such a scenario. Therefore, instead of seeing the couple in an intimate pose, they saw 9 dolphins.

Jessie: "I can't believe you gave me DIET PEPSI you asshole!"

Ryan: "Oh c'mon man its not that big a deal."

Jessie: "Yes it is! I'm Phenylketonuric! I can't have that fake sugar. it gives me muscle spasms and I can't sleep! It was an awful night!"

Ryan: "Oh shit. Dude I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

Jessie: "And I had to cancel my date cuz of you!"

Ryan: "Why? Cuz of Muscle spasms? That sounds like a great way to be on a date, or at least the end of the date. Just set her on top while you buck around like an unbalanced washing machine."

Ryan & Jessie burst out laughing

Malcolm: "..."

Ryan: "Get it Malcolm? Like a washing machine!"

Malcolm: "No dude, I saw 9 dolphins. What's a washing machine have to do with you making Jessie sick?"

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I saw

"I saw the sign" for trigonometry geeks.

I saw the cosine, and it opened up my eyes, I saw the cosine.

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I saw

A Liverpool expression meaning you are really annoyed by something.

I lost my car keys yesterday, I saw my bum!

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I saw

As in, 'I had a blast', i had an epiphany, i went into extase.

The reaction you have when something triggers your system into releasing a lot of dopamine into your brain.

background unknown.

Frankie Knuckles was deejaying and I saw Jesus.

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I saw

WHen you see someone and they're like hi and you're like hi and then you get together and eat together and have fun together and then kill.

I saw someone in my sleep.

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I saw

having sex with a really hot girl

I saw you last night.

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