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What is I love you most?

A heartbreaking Manga about a young boy (Lewis) with cancer who’s in a abusive relationship with his partner (Adolph) , He ends up Falling in love with his doctor (Ivan) and Dies in his arms

Person 1: What’s wrong with them?
Person 2: Oh they read ‘10 years that i loved you the most‘
Person 3: LEWIS WHYYYY *Sobs*
Person 1: Omg..
Person 2: I know right

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I love you most - video

I love you most - what is it?

a phrase for when you love someone, unarguably, the most.

"Wow, I love you most" Piper said to her girlfriend Sam (who profusely argues that she loves Piper the most)

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What does "I love you most" mean?

FACT. what john juco feels for his baby frauline. nothing can love anything more than how much he loves her. ceebs sexual threats. John loves jamika the most

i love you the most baby frauline

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I love you most - what does it mean?

I love you more

Husband: "I love you babe"
Wife: "I love you more"
Husband: "I love you most"
wife: "I love you mostest"
Husband: "I love you mostestest"
wife: "I love you mostestestest"
Husband: "I love you mostestesteste..."
both wins

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I love you most - meaning

When I say I love you and you say you love me more and I say it's not possible because I love you the most, I checked.

Nick: I love you
Nancy: I love you more
Nick: not possible, I checked urban dictionary and it says that I love you most!

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I love you most - definition

When saying "I love you most" to someone after they've said "I love you more" shows that the one sending "I love you most" love the other person more than considered possible

Person 1:I love you more

Person 2: I love you most

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I love you most - slang

The response to "I love you more" that shows that you love the other person more than considered possible

Person 1:I love you more
Person 2:I love you most
Person 1:but that's not possible it's impossible to love someone that much

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