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What is I love you more?

Michelle: I love you

Brandon: I love you too

Michelle: I love you more

Brandon: nope I'm pretty sure I love you more, like it's a fact that I do

Michelle: How so?

Brandon: Just look it up or something

Uh no baby I love you more.

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I love you more - video

I love you more - what is it?

When someone tells you I love you more and the recepient loves that someone more then they could ever imagine.


Jenny: I love you
Julie: I love you more
Jenny: I love you more Julie, urban dictionary says so.

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What does "I love you more" mean?

Someone who loves you more! No matter what you say, do, or how you act.

Husband:I love you
Wife:I love you too
Husband:I love you more!
Wife:I hate it when I have nothing sweeter to say back to you

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I love you more - what does it mean?

When Jaden and Q get into a fight over who loves who more. But the accurate answer would be Q loves Jaden more.

Jaden: I love you more
Q: no I love you more. It's in the dictionary.

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I love you more - meaning

Davis loving Lulu more(.)

Lulu-I love you
Davis-I love you more
Davis-Let me look it up

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I love you more - definition

When I tell him that I loves him more no matter what he says.

I love him forever!

F: I love you more
M: I love you too but more than you do!
F: Yeah right
M: It's true go check Urban Dictionary!

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I love you more - slang

This means that Lauren loves Stoney more than he could ever thinks he loves her. She will always love him more because it's just not possible for him to love her more!

Stoney: I love you.
Lauren: I love you more!
Stoney: Not possible.
Lauren: Yes possible!!!

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I love you more

When you /someone has more affection for another person than they have for you

David Loves Jenna more

Jenna : I love you

David: I love you more babe

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I love you more

When you simply love someone more than they love you .

Sarah: I love you

Marty: I love you too

Sarah: I love you more
Marty: I don't think so baby

Sarah: Umm... Let me check urban dictionary .. Yeah no , it says I love you more .

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I love you more

Michael Jackson's answer to a love declaring.
RIP MJ - Heal the world!

Fan: "Michael, I love you!"
Michael: "I love you more!"

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