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What is I Bomb?

to have sex with someone

mark: can i bomb
Mary: Only if you use protection

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I Bomb - what is it?

dropping 'i like turtles' at random or inappropriate moments in a conversation. This phrase was made famous by that stupid kid on the internet when asked a question which did not merit an 'i like turles' response. It can be funny if used sparingly... very sparingly.

person1: that test was nothing what i expected, i hope i passed.

person2: yeah, that test was tough.

person1: it's like, could she have made that test any harder?

person3: I like turtles.

person1: you're retarded.

person2: i thought it was kind of funny. it helps that he does it sparingly! Nice 'I like turtles' bomb, person3.

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What does "I Bomb" mean?

I love you.

John: I love you.
Racheal: He totally dropped the I-bomb.

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I Bomb - what does it mean?

The equivalent of an f bomb, except using 1st person in an expository essay.

I think the I bomb is actually a noticeable way to state your opinions in an essay. And yes, I just dropped an I bomb.

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