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What is II?

An Apple webcam yet to be created. In the future this will also be the default eye for our robot slaves.

Harry: "Hey man have you seen the new iI?"
Aron: "Man I've got one for my robo-doggy!"
Harry: "Wow! I need one for my blow-up doll!"
Aron: ---
Harry: "Awkward..."

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II - meme gif

II meme gif

II - video

II - what is it?

1. What 14-year-old girls add to the end of their names, instead of making it end in 'y' like a damn human.

2. What 14-year-old girls add to the end of every sentence that originally began with 'i' or 'y'.

1. Hai! It's me, Britnii!
2. Lyke omg that boii iz hawtt!

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What does "II" mean?

Usually, myspace users use the two i's to make their writing look cool/cute/"dope"

ii'm sO craziieh iit'sz nOt even funniieh anymOre

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II - what does it mean?

A really annoying way that people on myspace talk, usually with caps lock on everything but the "ii". It always seems like they're yelling when used. If you ask me, it's pointless.

OMG THiiS BOY iiS CUTE!!11!1

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II - meaning

IIS stands for Internet Information Service.
IIS is Microsoft's http and asp webserver. Said to be very unstable, I cannot prove that. Supports various Add-Ons such as PHP.
IIS & Apache are 'rivals'
IIS is used much less than Apache
For Windows Only.

'I host my website on IIS.'

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II - definition

What myspacers used instead of just one i. When saying ii, caps lock is always on which makes it seem like they`re always screaming. Makes text harder to read.

&& ii KN0oW WHERE Y0oU AT! ii iiS S0o C0o0oL WHEN ii TYPE LiiKE THiiS, B`!

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II - slang

How internet "thugs" spell their i's...

It can be accompanied by 3's for E's and they usually always type with CAPS LOCK on.

Internet Thug - "OMG Dii$ $HiiT B3 CRAZY!!
Me - Why the fuck do you waste your time typing like that?

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iight, iight.
When talking to understand.

"How old are you?"

"What's your name?"
"o ii"

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invivisble info- when you believe something that isn't true or make something up

omg shes reading the ii agen!

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II- short for "Islam Infection."

The holocaust would be thanks to the II in Turkey that killed 1.5m Armenians, and the Nazis who learned from that genocide.

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